Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yes! We Made Them & Yes He's Cute!

Us girls, yes Ava too made these cute cards while I was in Maine.
Amanda & Ava actually learned to make them at a Mom & Me class.
We put together many, many more one afternoon.
They turned out adorable.
In hindsight I should have taken pictures with
some of them opened, so that you could see what the inside looked like.
Take my word for it... they were equally as cute inside the purse.

Ava was very proud of her creations.
She did her own cutting, taping, chose her own
paper, ribbon & flowers.

I gave one to each of the other two secretaries in my office.
One is putting hers on her office door and the other has
someplace she wants to hang hers at home.
They were a huge hit!

Speaking of a huge hit.....
This little guy was a super duper hit with Gramie.

He was so easy to photograph,
just smiling away....

I didn't even have my portrait lens on
and managed to get these great shots of him

"Hen Hen"  "Hengry Housin"
Whatever name you're going by today.
What a sweetie you've turned out to be.

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Meghan said...

super cute, the purse cards and Henry