Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dos Amigo's Cantina

We looked forward to our dinner all day long. 
 We couldn't wait to go through Northport on the
way home and stop and eat at this restaurant,
well ..... maybe that was just me.
Mexican Restaurant & Cantina    Dos Amigos
Open for business on the way back.

I loved the murals and the props.
  The outdoor dining area from the parking lot.

I told the kids they had to mow the grass before they could eat dinner

The waitress warned us that it could get buggy as the evening went on.

We moved indoors, because we'd had enough bugs
Ava dancing her way to her seat, Mexican music was playing.
Ashley said the flags are very authentic.
Henry watched the kids play Wikki Sticks
Food was scrumptious & the Margarita's were delicioso
They had this cool van the kids could drive

Ava's expression along with the sign is tooooo funny
Much better Ava
Ava at the Wheel - Watch out hombres here she comes

No trip to Mexico is perfect without a Chihuahua

This was our last stop of the family day outing.
It was late when we left and it had been a long day.
We'll have to go back again when Henry is big enough to drive.

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