Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Maine and Snow go hand in hand

Snow pictures from when we were in Maine.
There was ice under the snow and right after I took this shot, 
I went down on my rear.  Yup! I knew there was ice right near
where I was standing. LOL but my memory was off by a couple feet.

Amanda shoveling her car out after the storm.  Thankfully both my daughter and her husband had some days off to spend with us while we were there, so they didn't have to deal with this every day.

Henry loves the snow and being outside.

The backyard.

I tried to download a ton of pictures, so I could blog about them
while enjoying my next vacation, but most of them loaded upside down.
Ugh!  I really should take a class on blogging and learn a few things so it's
less of a hassle.

Well I'm now in sunny New Mexico and off to take another long walk. 
I'm sorry my words are few.