Saturday, June 11, 2011

Walking on the Rockland Breakwater Pier

The kids played on the rocks while waiting for Mom
to hike it back to the car for jackets, because it was much
cooler and winder down on the pier.

Ava & Michael had new hiking boots for a good
grip on the rocks.

As you can see it's uneven and there a big gaps in between the stones.

Now were ready for the long walk.

About half the way out.
Ava & I are in the lead.

About 3/4 of the way to the lighthouse, at which point
I should have taken a picture of the lighthouse I
didn't....because Ava scrapped up her shin.
She was looking backwards, but kept walking forwards.

Yeah!  We made it. 
This picture was taken from one of the upper windows
of the lighthouse.

Samoluk family in front ot the lighthouse.

Some dumb kid doing some dangerous climbing down between
the rocks.  This folks is how accidents happen.

I copied this photo from the Internet, but you still can't
see the lighthouse.

(I copied this spiel as well)

The Rockland Breakwater and Lighthouse is a good choice for an interesting walk as well as providing a different kind of outdoor experience when visiting the Camden area. The Rockland Breakwater is rich in history and has been critically important to Rockland Harbor since it was built. The breakwater is just under a mile long and is a beautiful and scenic walk on sunny days. However, during bad weather, waves often crash over the granite breakwater which can make the walk a very wet one.

Finally the Lighthouse!
I didn't want to disappoint anyone.

We went inside and looked around, but did not
actually go up where the light was. 
They would only let eight people go up at a time
and we would of had to wait; besides the light it makes an extremely
loud noise every-so-often and
we decided it was probably more than
Michael could tolerate.

The fun family day is not over....
stay tuned.

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Meghan said...

fun! I cannot believe that kid was down between the rocks.