Saturday, June 18, 2011

Clam bake anyone?

My son-in-law Derek went all out on Memorial Day and put
on a whole Clambake.
I sampled everything....but the clams;
Michael & Derek ate those.

Michael had to check out the lobster and make
sure it was good quality.

They all passed the test and since
they were banded, Michael did too.

Lobster, clams & salmon (for Ava), sausage, corn on the cob & potatoes.
It was a real feast.

I had to help Michael with cracking his and removing all the meat,
while Mama was contending with a feverish Henry and trying to eat herself.

When Michael finished his lobster, he wanted to eat mine too.
Being the nice Gramie that I am, I did share, but.....
I didn't let him have my whole lobster & yes he would
have eaten all of mine too.

The shell on my lobster was much harder than Michael's to crack.
The first claw flew almost into the living room and the meat landed under
the table....I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman with her Escargot.

It took me a dozen tries to get into the second claw and that
was just a hole to dig the meat out.
Ugh! Hard work doesn't begin to defne it.
Do you think maybe I'm getting to old for lobster?
When I'm 80 maybe Michael will crack mine for me.

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