Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gardening in Maine

There is a gardening gene on my father's side of the family
and at least two of my daughters have inherited it from me.
Although, Amanda was pregnant last summer and claims
her flower beds are a mess, they
were still very enchanting to my eyes.


A Poppy getting ready to open


Lungwort is a strange name for this beautiful plant. 
I have a similar variety that used to be my grandfather's
it is also called Bethlehem sage.
The leaves on mine are much larger than this more dainty plant.

I tried to post this picutre last, but the blog wasn't cooperating
this morning.  While not a flower, I'm probably
the most jealous over this plant.
We tried for several years to grow blueberries, but
even with measuring the ph and making soil amendments
it wasn't favorable for blueberries here in my garden.
It looks like this one plant alone will
 provide 1/2 quart of berries.


I have a columbine fairy statue I used to put under my columbine.
That brings back some sweet memories, perhaps I should hand it down to
Amanda and she in turn can pass it onto Ava who is another flower lover and
possible inhabitant of the Hose family gardening gene.

Doesn't that yellow just grab you and make you think of sunshine?
If the bugs weren't so bad I would have loved to pull some
weeds and help Amanda tidy her flower beds.
My own flower beds have been scaled down dramatically
over the past five years due to lack of energy
and a strong dislike of hot muggy weather.
When I was younger I'd be out in the garden for four to
six hours at a time and my kids would beg
me to come in and cook something for them to eat.
Times change, but the beauty of flowers is everlasting!

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