Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A walk around Bangor, Maine

A short vacation?
A long weekend?
A chance to reconnect.
To catch up.
It was all of that and more.
And of course I had my camera along
to document the trip all along the way.

Downtown Bangor has some beautiful architecture.

The tide was in.

The trees and flowers were in bloom.

Amanda & I ate lunch here at the Friars Bakehouse.
It is on the top ten list of things to do in Bangor, Maine.
The Friars are famous for their Lobster Rolls
and their pastries.

I've never eaten a lobster roll before and
probably will never again
eat one as delicious as the one I ate here.

This eatery is tiny,
there are only three tables.
There are no cell phones allowed
(they take this VERY seriously)
and no waitresses, just the Franciscan brothers
in their robes.
They were a very entertaining bunch.

We also ate lunch at Giacomo's, an Italian deli. 
My salad was outstanding, but what I really enjoyed
the most was my sweet potato chips.
"Food really should taste good" is a brand that I
recognize and I'll be looking for a place to buy them
now that I'm home.

I'll post more pictures tomorrow when I finish uploading my 250+ pictures
to Kodak Gallery.


Please say some prayers for Amanda and family.
The night before I was to depart they had to take
Henry to the Emergency Department.
He had been sick for a couple days and then his fever
went over 104, which made everyone very
nervous with Ava's history of seizures.
They called the pediatrician and it was determined he couldn't
wait until morning to be seen.
After a chest x-ray, he was diagnosed with probable pneumonia.
Poor little guy is very miserable and can't sleep worth beans, which
means Mommy & Daddy aren't getting any sleep either.

Michael & Ava have had bug encounters.
The school nurse removed an embedded tick from under Michael's arm,
so that is a big concern.
And after I trimmed both the big kids hair for them,
Amanda let them run through the sprinkler.
Ava was ate alive by black flies, which bled like crazy, festered red
and swelled up. The itch horribly, which I can attest to myself as I have a few too.
Poor Ava is just a sight for sore eyes and she can't sleep either.
Do you recognize a theme here?
I hate to rub it in, but my bed sure felt good last night.
I cried as I down-loaded the pictures off my camera.
Yes it's good to be home, but it's so very hard to be apart from
 those I left behind in Maine.


Meghan said...

Thanks for the pictures. It has been too long since I have been to Bangor! I miss Maine and all the mainers.

Dorsey said...