Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who could resist?

When my daughter, Ashley left for Spain she
left spending money to pay for things for Daniela
should we need something.

She strictly said, she does not need any clothes or toys.
Okay, I know she doesn't need clothes, she
has "hand me downs" from her cousins and friends.
But I knew I could have a problem in the toy department.

Gramie caved when she found this Radio Flyer Push Trike.
It was 1/2 off Kids clothing, furniture & toys all day yesterday
at the Salvation Army store.
It was marked $29.99, but I only had to pay $14.99.
This trike sells for $96.00 on Amazon.

She absolutely loves it.
I pushed her up and down the driveway at least
five times.....great exercise for Gramie.
She kept signing....more! more!

Excuse the pacifier.
I let her have it more than usual yesterday,
because she had a sore throat and ear infection.

My hubby yelled at me for bringing more stuff home.
Can you believe it?
A steal like that, which brings his granddaughter such joy
and helps his wife lose weight.
The man is certifiably nuts, we have plenty of room.
I told him if he said one more word I was going back
to the sale to buy five more things I wanted.
He didn't say another word.
Maybe, there's hope for him yet.


Meghan said...

I need a bike with a pusher pole on it! I get so tired of bending over and pushing Griffin. What a steal!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a good buy! :D

Theresa said...

nicely done, Doris! A good deal and a good job putting the hubby in his place! teehee! ;)