Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Message in the Night

It happened again.
This time I didn't get up and look at the clock,
but I woke as wide awake as you can possibly be
and this message came to me loud and clear.

God heard your prayer and answered it.

The first time it happened was earlier this month
and you can read about it here.

The last time it happened I sort of thought it was cool,
but didn't expect the messages to keep coming.
Maybe it was just song lyrics that popped into my head,
but why then was it so dramatic and why did it
stand out so much in my mind?

Now I know it wasn't just a coincidence.
I was so wide-awake I couldn't go back to sleep.
God heard your prayer....
Which one?

One I prayed today, or one I've been praying for years?
For Rick to come home safely?
For Daniela to recover from her week long illness?
Something I whispered while watching the news
and all that is wrong with this world?

I believe he heard all my prayers that's no big news,
but I must have needed a reminder that he's
working on my behalf.  His hand is moving
behind the scenes, even though I'm unaware.
And Yes, he does answer my prayers.

Thank you, God.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HomeAgain Pet Recovery System

Will Dakota be home again soon?

Well with the help of the HomeAgain Pet Recovery system, this may just happen in the next few days.  If you have your dog microchipped through this program and you have the dog or cat registered in their system, they will assist you in finding your pet.  No only that......but they also have this below.

Travel Assistance For Found Pets
HomeAgain knows just how far lost pets can travel. Our pet transport services will cover up to $500 to fly your found dog or cat home when he's discovered over 500 miles away from home.

Wow!  I bet that was music to Audra's ears.  After she heard Dakota was alive and well, that was her next question, how on earth am I going to get her back from North Carolina? Audra is working with the shelter that is housing Dakota, the HomeAgain recovery people along the ASPCA and she should know something today or tomorrow about the plans to ship Dakota home.

I have my Dog, Danan mirco-chipped through the same company and I'm "Oh! so glad".  It works, no matter how far from home your dog or cat gets.  Should she ever come up missing, she'd be missed that's for sure.

Even if Danan were to slip her collar, or someone else borrows it
for neck jewelry (LOL), she's covered.

Visit the HomeAgain site for more information or to read about other amazing stories of pets found and returned to their families.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Believe it or Not?

In the background - Dakota Audra's dog
In the foreground - Cody Rick's dog

Way back the first part of December my daughter's dog, ran away from home.  My daughter, Audra looked everywhere for her.  She drove all over their military base (day after day), which is out in the middle of the desert and couldn't find her anywhere.  She made posters and tacked them up near the mail pick-up stations and put one up in the PX, but to no avail.  There were some sightings early on, but the people couldn't catch the dog.  Audra continued searching day after day and finally when she came home for Christmas, she took one dog to the kennel and asked friends to keep an eye out for the missing dog.  Eventually she surmissed it must have gotten out into the desert and attacked by a mountain lion or something.

Dakota in her back yard at home.

Three months later!  Today in fact she got a phone call. 

Her dog was located..........

and officially identified by her microchip...........

Where on earth was she found?????

Literally hundreds of miles from her home in New Mexico.

Stay tuned...

If your tired.....

If your tired and you know it
Close your eyes.

If your tired and you know it
Close your eyes.

If your tired and you know it
your face will surely show it.

If you tired and you know it.
Close your eyes.

 Rowyn Gracie Jane Roberts - 6 months old already!  

Sunday, March 27, 2011


This is Daniela's friend Rosie.
She came to play last week.
Rosie is who we gave the Rose fairy to, it was just fitting that we did.

Rosie's mom gives us all her hand-me-downs for Daniela.
Rosie just turned two and Daniela is right behind her size wise.
We've been the recipient of many gifts of baby items, toys & books.
Rosie & her Mom are wonderful people.
We love spending time with them.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Advise for Taryn

I have a niece who's going to be having a baby in the next two months.
You know sometimes they come early (as in all of mine)
or sometimes they come 9 days late, like this little one.

Anyway, I feel it my duty as her favorite aunt,
to give her some advise;
since I have raised four girls I
figured I should be able to do a halfway decent job of it.

They don't stay little long.
Enjoy each day to the fullest.
Forget about having a perfect house,
six course meals, and it's not a sin to get
clean socks out of the dryer or the laundry basket.
Cut corners here and there to have more time with your little one.
Sure they lay around and coo and cry for
a couple months, but by the time
they reach 6 months you've got your hands full.

The look of innocense.
Get used to doing things one handed,
because with a little one like this on your
hip you won't be able to do anything near your
body (like carry a plate) because they
develop fast hands and want to touch everything.

One day she'll be just a newborn laying around
on the boppy and the next day

she'll be standing up to furniture unassisted.
How do I know this?
We'll my memory may not be the best from when
my four girls were little, but
I have been a Grandma four times in the past year.

Don't believe all those books that say standing up to furniture
is a 9 month old skill.  Be prepared early! 
Some babies decide to fast track it and be overachievers.
Five month old babies are not suppose to be able to do this.
(Someone forgot to tell Henry)

If anyone offers to help (like a favorite aunt) take them up on it.
You can never have to much help
and you can't spoil an infant.

Snuggle all you want,
rock away the hours
and Share, because
Sharing Time is a Happy Time.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Did It!

I really did it.
I signed up for Weight Watchers.
No more excuses.

Will post more later.
Daniela received vacinations on Wed.
Virus on Thurs.

She's one hot girl. (fever)
Mama didn't get much sleep last night.
Tonight is my turn on duty.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aint' this Sweet - A Fairy Wand Giveaway!

Lisa Leonard is having another giveaway.  It's something I'd love to have myself, and love to give away.

Go to this site Lisa's Giveaway to enter the contest for a pewter fairy wand.

I recently bought these fairy doll books for my granddaughters.

 Ivy has been claimed for Daniela, but it hasn't been given to her yet.

Ashley has always been fond of  the name Willow, so I'm surprised she didn't choose this one.

Rose went to our friend Ella Rose today, but have no fear I'll be ordering a
 replacement long before Rowyn is big enough for one.

Clover is the good luck fairy. 
The last page in the story book is a fold out playroom for the doll. 
 They are super cute books and there is a whole collection of them.

Yes, I love all things fairy.  Even though I'm no longer a little girl, I can still believe.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Should I or shouldn't I?

Lift my butt and tuck my tummy,
in a pair of Not Your Daughter's Jeans.

I've been hearing all about them,
but haven't followed up with buying a pair.

If you haven't heard of them you can check them out using this link.

I feel like I've gotta have a picture,
but jeans look like jeans.

These jeans will make any women look good regardless of their waist sizes.


Wearing these jeans does not torture, in fact make the wearer achieving a maximum comfort.

Customer comments:

At last I have found a pair of jeans that not only cover the whole of my stomach and cover the "Muffin" top but looks great and are so comfortable.

I loved the comments where everyone told them they looked like they'd lost weight, but of course
I could not locate them later to copy them down.

What jeans do you wear and why?
Are you happy with them?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Pictures of Rowyn

I'm back in Michigan, but
I'm missing Rowyn!


I don't like to whine, but I hate having my grandkids spread
across the whole U.S.
I haven't seen Michael, Ava & Henry since Thanksgiving.
And it's been even longer since I've seen Sydney & Griffin.

I'm trying to make plans to visit the NC grands, and the ME grands,
but nothing has been finalized yet. 
It makes me sad and discontent.

The next several months are busy ones, so I'll
try to be thankful for the opportunities I've had to 
see my grandkids and pray for more chances in the future.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Candid Cutie Cousins

Cousins born two weeks apart.

One in September and one in October.
One a boy and one a girl.

One has siblings, the other has none.
One in the desert, the other near the ocean.

One has brown eyes
the other eyes of blue.

What on earth do they have in common?

They have the same Gramie who loves them bunches and bunches.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I left behind

Flying Delta and using my Sky Miles Delta American Express I get one
suitcase FREE.
The second suitcase is $32.00.
Going I had two suitcases, one was full of stuff for Rowyn.
The suitcase was packed with mostly hand-me-downs, but also a few things
Audra couldn't take back at Christmas time.

On the return trip, I put one suitcase inside the other.
I weighed it on Audra's bathroom scales --- fifty-two pounds.
I took out a couple almost empty items
and put three books in my carry on.
50 lbs.

What did I leave behind?
This little gem.
She will only be little once.

It helps that they are planning to come to Michigan
in May.
I hate it when I have to leave them behind
and not have a date in the future when I know
I will see them again....that's the worst.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rowyn's Pets

If you were expecting to see dogs and cats, let me
correct you now.  The dog is Rick's and the kitties are Audra's.
Here's Rowyn with her pet inchworm.
This is the best smile that I captured.

Her pet giraffe that plays music.
If I've said it once, I said it a hundred times.
I love black and white.

Her bear blankey.
This girl loves blankies. 
If she's tired and won't settle down,
just give her a blanket to cuddle with and she's off to slumber land.

And her glow worm.

We didn't make it through her whole herd of pets,
Rowyn began complaining that I was taking to long.

And Grandma Lynn, I did receive your message
and gave Rowyn hugs and kisses from you last night.

I will miss the girls when I fly home today, but
they are planning to visit Michigan in May
and knowing that makes it much easier for me.

Monday, March 14, 2011

For One More Day!

For one more day......

I will changer her diapers, give her a bath and dress her.
I will switch her soggy bibs as needed,
I will wipe up spit up formula from my clothes and hers.
I will feed her cereal and veggies, scoop it off her chin
and feed it to her again.

For one more day.....
I will cuddle with her and kiss her soft cheeks.
We will play patty-cake together and read books.
I will turn on her crib mobile and watch her play under her play gym
trying to grasp toys and most of the time succeed.

For one more day....
I will act silly and try to make her laugh.
I will stick my tongue out as far as I can while
saying "Blah" like Bard on Baby Einstein.
I will nuzzle my head in her tummy to hear her giggle.

For one more day...
I will wake around 4:00 a.m. to hear her fuss
over the baby intercom.
I will lean over her crib and see her squinting up
at me with a big grin on her face.

For one more day...
I will enjoy holding her, cuddling with her,
and hearing her talk her baby cooing sounds.
I will listen to her squeals and admire her fiestiness.
I will take pictures, so I can remember all the details
until we are together again.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just a Swingin!

And a slidin.

We had a short span of mostly cloudy weather today,
so we headed to the park.
Rowyn loved it and I was able to take some cute pics.

She looked so adorable holding on the edge of the swing.


Super precious

Before anyone has a heart attack thinking that we were
swinging her really high, let me set you straight;
I kneeled in front of her to get more of mountains
in the background.
Her expression of surprise helps create the illusion
that she was swinging high.
She's the perfect little model.

She loves swinging!!

She didn't really slide, we just posed her in the tunnel.
Soon though she will be big enough to give it a try.

The dog was barking and so we had trouble keeping her attention
on us.

About 2/3  of the pictures I took at the park has her
tongue hanging out in them.

Awesome pictures, awesome baby, awesome day and then
the sun came out bright on our walk home.
Perfect timing for the sun to come out, we were done
with pictures, for now anyway.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Audra & Rowyn

Quick pics before our shopping trip.
My beautiful daughter and her daughter, Rowyn.
Gee maybe we should try using the timer and get me in there too.
That's an idea....don't know if it will happen, but it might.

These girls just love each other and it shows.
They catch a glance of one another and instantly smile.
Yes, Rowyn likes me and loves to play patty-cake.
She likes when I nuzzle my head into her tummy
and kiss her bare neck.
But, when it come right down to it,
she only has eyes for her mommy.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Random Shots

Miss Rowyn showing her attitude.
This girls is fiesty...she's not going to let anyone push her around.
She's got a tude.....

She loves her play gym.  We just keep changing the toys and
she keeps on playing.

I even hung the portable mobile we bought her for Christmas
from the top and it works like a charm, plays music too.

An evening walk, the sun hadn't quite set, so we wore our
sunglasses and Miss Rowyn chewed on hers.

It was windy, so the blankey tucked around her was necessary.

The wall that surrounds the base and the mountains beyond it.

Sunset and the water tower, something about this picture reminds
me of the movie E.T.

Eating cereal and squash.
Yum! Yum!

Sitting in her chair playing with the animals dangling in front of it.

Just another day in New Mexico.
It was to hit 80's today.  We went to Las Cruces to the mall
and out to lunch (Chinese).  Both babies were super well behaved, not
one problem out of either of them. 

We will probably go for another walk after dinner.
It is so nice to see the sun every day and walk outdoors without
a jacket.  I'm dreading going home to snow, rain, mud and dreary
gray days.  I think I could get used to weather like this, well in
the winter it sure seems nice, I'm not sure I'd like it year around
when it's in the 100's.