Monday, June 27, 2011

Lil Houdini - Acts II & III

      It's 9:30 at night and as quiet as a mouse a little jammy-clad munchkin
silently creeps into the living room. 
She emerges from the dark hall, head down and
makes a b-line for the blocks lying scattered on the floor. 
She sits down and quietly assembles & disassembles block creations
 and the minutes tick by.  
No looking around, no eye contact with the two adults in the room,
 not a single sound is uttered. 
She seems to be trying a new strategy, 
if I don't see them maybe they won't see me. 
The adults in the room are speechless. 
They let her sit and play for they are truly in shock........this is for real this time. 
The crib is at the lowest level, there's no quick fix,
there's no easy way to keep her from escaping.  
We have tried to catch her, but every time we sneak a peek she's lying down. 
 She's quiet, we don't hear the crib rail rattle or a thump 
as she lands on the floor, we don't hear a thing. 
 We need a surveillance camera.

The next evening I am ready for Houdini Act III.
I check on her, but she looks innocent and very sleepy.
I listen and hear nothing.
I wait near the hall and meet her as she runs out.
She knows she's been had or maybe I've scared her,
because she didn't expect me to be there. 
She shrieks and I scoop her up and return her to her bed.
I calmly explain that it's bed time and that she must stay in her bed.
Daniela chooses not to listen,
but flails wildly and shrieks about the injustice of it all. 
She stays in bed and continues to cry.
Gramie returns to console her and finds her Paci on the floor.
She scoops up Lil Houdini and her fishy blanket and takes her to the
rocking/glider in the living room, where they rock until
Lil Ella enters dreamland and forgets her endeavors of climbing Mt. Everest.       


Theresa said...

oh my gosh!!! these are the best stories ever!!

Meghan said...

oh my we will need a game plan at this house if she can climb out of the pack n play!