Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gollum Fingers and Burro's Tail

I can hear you all now.  "What on Earth is she bloggin about now!"  It sounds like something out of Lord of the Rings or a Shrek movie.  But, if that's your guess your wrong.

I went to home Depot last week.  "What's that got to do with it?", you say.  Well just hold on for a minute I'm going to tell you.  I wanted to buy a plant, so I went looking to see what they had that my non-green houseplant thumb could grow.  Succulents are pretty safe with me, so I picked out two new ones.  The plants weren't marked as to the type they were, so I had to do some research.  I guessed one to be a Burro's Tail and it was.  The other one I affectionately named the Teletubby Plant, but it turned out to be Spoon Jade or Gollum Fingers.

Did anyone guess what the post would be about from the title?  Leave me a comment.

Sedum Morganianum - Burro's Tail

Crassula Portulacea - Spoon Jade or Gollum Fingers

I like the "Teletubby Plant" name better, it has friendlier feel to it.

Friday, January 29, 2010

A Poem - I am Michael and an Update!

I found a poem on this blog.  I copied and pasted it below, so all of you would read it.  It's entitled I am Ethan, but you could change the tittle to I am Michael and most of it would still be true.

I am Ethan

You may not understand me, or the way I feel today.
You may not understand my reasoning for things I do or say.
The reasons why I'm so loud and say things over and  over again,
Why I run so differently or lose my homework every now and then.

I write my letters backwards and sometimes numbers too,
and when in a conversation, I'll say "Guess what" 100 times to you.
Too much noise, light, or excitement can set me in a spin.
I don't like the way these pants feel rubbing against my skin.

I try to be good, but sometimes it's hard to control,
I have to do it, it's an impulse, I don't always do what I'm told.
Ketchup, Ranch and BBQ sauce on everything I eat,
sometimes I have days that I just can't sit still in my seat.

I like to talk a lot even when it's out of turn,
my mind plays tricks on me and interrupts what I'm trying to learn.
Sit up straight, wipe my face, and play ever so soft,
some of these things I have trouble with and I usually lose my train of thought.

I didn't mean to spill the milk mom, or slam the door so hard,
everyone else is done with their homework, I don't know where to start?
My heart's as big as gold, my feelings get hurt too,
I get sad, cry and have bad days just like you.

My brain works differently than other girls and boys,
but one thing always holds true, I can give your life so much joy.
I get frustrated so easily and my hand won't work that way,
I don't understand why those other kids won't let me come over and play.

Please don't think of me any differently or love of me any less,
I'm just like other kids and trying to do my best.
I am very special in my own unique way, and every moment with me
you'll never have a dull day.

By Kelly Graham

Thank you, Kelly I couldn't have said it better myself.

God has answered our prayers and Michael has received a one-on-one aid.  I am s-o-o thankful, God is s-o-o good.   I haven't heard all the details yet, since Amanda's meeting with all the school staff yesterday, but just couldn't wait any longer to let you know that yes, now mid-January (the same time last year that things finally fell into place for him); Michael now has the aid he needs for a successful second half of the year.  It's not to early to start  praying that next year he has what he needs in September.

And we do think Mrs. I. is a good match for him.  Her personality is much like Michael's teacher at the first early intervention school he attended.  Thank you fellow bloggers and loved ones  for all your prayers and comments. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snow on Trees

Is there anything prettier than snow on trees?

Pine trees covered in snow.
Though the cold winds blow,
And branches swing to and fro,
The clinging snow will not go.

Many pine trees covered in snow.
Growing in a row,
bending to and fro,
but they have no where to go.

A quaint little house.
Sheltered from the snow,
by huge pine trees that continue to grow
and collect more snow.

Perching on a branch with no snow.
A scarlet red cardinal putting on a show,
bobbing to and fro,
as the northern winds blow.

Yes, trees covered in snow is a winter blessing bestowed on us foolish people who live in the great north.
I love snow on trees.  Snow on roads, now that is another matter altogether.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

An Email from 2006 - " I Need A Knife!"

I recently did a deep cleaning in my spare bedroom and found this email I had saved.  I'll recreate it now for your enjoyment.  It starts out ...... Michael was so funny on Saturday.  I located a few pictures of Michael from around the time in 2006 when this email was sent by his mom, my daughter, Amanda.

Michael got up extra early and I was sitting on the couch in a coma and he goes running into the kitchen yelling, "I need knife!"  I immediately jumped up and ran in behind him - explaining; "No, knives are dangerous; we don't play with knives..."  He thought for a second and said "OK, I need scissors".  To which I replied - "Mmm, no we can't play with scissors either!"  He thought about that and said "Ok, I have spoon?"  I agreed and gave him a spoon, he ran over and tried to unlock the bathroom door. (The lock is on the inside so we use - usually a butter knife to turn it from the outside).  He said "I need help" when he couldn't get it open.  I unlocked it and he ran in, pulled down his pants and said "Potty?".  I was like - well you could have just said potty and been in here 10 minutes ago.  He did get right up on the potty and went.  He is just so intuative.  I keep thinking back to when we first got him and he was so little and such a different little guy.  We are loving every day with him, all the changes, all the progress.  He is definitely our special little guy - can't believe he is three this week!

Please keep praying for Michael's school situation.  They are having another meeting regarding Michael this week. Michael's class has a new teacher and change is very stressful for kids on the autistic spectrum.  Just because we don't have an answer yet, doesn't mean that God isn't working on his behalf.
 Our God is faithful.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My computer disappeared without warning.  Staples  has a FREE diagnostic tune-up until the end of January.  We had talked of taking ours in, but I thought we would actually plan it, so that I could return emails, tell people I would be without a computer.  You know do things that I needed to do before we took it in, like look up this weeks grocery deals etc.  Well dear hubby apparently is clueless to my computer needs, soooo I'm at work (not punched in) taking care of some business.

I hope to be back on by the weekend.  Until them I'll be having withdrawls I'm sure.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Too Cute for words!

I've been working on getting my Photoshop file of pictures whipped into shape.  Deleting many I shouldn't have kept because they are out of focus, or I have many shots of the same old thing.  During the process of weeding out the deletes, I came across this picture.  It's a keeper!

I'm speechless, this little darling is just too cute for words!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Indigo Dreams

I bought this CD and books combo for my grandson, Michael after reading a review by a mom who had a  son (with Aspergers) and problems with sleeping and anxiety issues.  She raved about how Lori Lites books and CD had such a positive influence on her son.  How it helped him to sleep and he learned to calm himself with the relaxation tapes.  She highly recommended it.  And I bought this set for Michael last fall.

Here is a description of the product.

Now children can enjoy all four stories from the Indigo Dreams CD in this all inclusive package. Four unique bedtime stories incorporate: Yoga breathing, visualizations, muscular relaxation and affirmations. These are the same techniques recommended for adults but presented in a fun, interactive format that appeal to children. Children follow the characters along as they learn belly breathing with A Boy and a Bear, make positive statements with The Affirmation Web, visualize with A Boy and a Turtle and relax with The Goodnight Caterpillar. The stories are best suited for ages 4-9. These proven techniques encourage wellness and provide tools for children who suffer from anxiety, stress, trauma, hyperactivity, anger, sleep issues and lack of confidence. The PACKAGE includes the Indigo Dreams CD plus two paperback books: A Boy and a Bear and The Affirmation Web along with two Hardcover books The Goodnight Caterpillar and A Boy and a Turtle. All titles are sold separately

About the Author

Lori Lite began creating stories to insure her own children's strong state of mind and peaceful sleep. Her own experiences with stress and anxiety ailments sent her searching for techniques that people could utilize in their everyday lives. Ms. Lite's books, CDs and curriculums are considered a resource for psychologists, therapists, child life specialists, teachers, and yoga instructors. Her Indigo Dreams audio book/CD series has been awarded the CNE Award of Excellence. Ms. Lite has been interviewed and written articles for several media outlets, including: ABC Radio; CBS News; Prevention Magazine; USA Today; Web MD; Stress Free Living; Mind, Body, and Soul; and Evolve Magazine. She has also been featured in several publications which include Parents Guide New York and Atlanta Parent Magazine. Lori Lite s love of the ocean and her family inspired her to create Affirmation Weaver, Angry Octopus, Bubble riding, and Sea Otter Cove.

Initially I was afraid that they might sit on a shelf unused, but bought them anyway and pleaded with my daughter to give them a decent trail period, so I wouldn't feel my investment was wasted.  I need not have worried.  Michael loves listening to the CD, he asks them every single night.  They do have a calming effect on him and I have recommend them to others and so has my daughter.

Here is a link to raves & reviews here.   I must warn you, there are a few people who did not feel the same way we do.  Ava does not like the ladies voice and perfers to be out of the room while he's listening.  You can also buy the CD without the book, so here's a link for CD only here .

If there are materials that you have used with your child that were helpful, please leave a comment and pass on the information, so that others can  benefit.

I hope to give you an update on Michael's school situation soon.   Please keep praying for victory for Michael.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I found it. Hurrah!

I found it.  I've been looking for the secret ingredient to make Chicken Tinga Tostados like Ashley made for me in Mexico.

Here it is... Chilpotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce.

It was indeed in the International Foods Isle of my good old Meijers store.

Here's the recipe, if you'd like to try it too.
And there's a picture of the dish at the bottom of the post.  I plan to cut it in half, because there's just the two of us.


6 bone-in chicken breast halves

7 medium onions, thinly sliced

1 clove garlic, chopped

1/4 cup vegetable oil

6 medium tomatoes

1 (7 ounce) can chipotle peppers in adobo sauce

1 tablespoon chicken bouillon granules

16 tostada shells

1 cup sour cream

salt and pepper to taste


1.Place the chicken into a large pot along with 1/4 cup of sliced onion, garlic, and enough water to cover. Bring to a boil, and cook until no longer pink, about 25 minutes. Remove chicken, cool, and shred meat. Discard skin and bones.

2.Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the remaining onion slices, and fry until transparent. Place tomatoes into a pan of boiling water (you could use the leftover chicken water), and boil until they split open.

3.Place the tomatoes, the whole can of chipotle peppers, chicken bouillon into a blender or large food processor. Process until smooth. Season with salt and pepper. Pour this mixture into a large pan, and add the shredded chicken and cooked onions. Heat through.

4.To serve, each person spreads some sour cream on their tostada shell, and tops with a spoonful of the chicken.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mountains for Two?

How did it come to be that two little girls who were born and raised in Michigan now look out their windows where they live and see mountains every day?   I do believe these are part of the San Andes, but then I could be wrong.

They are beautiful and awe inspiring.  When Audra left Michigan after Christmas she said she couldn't wait to get home to her pets and her mountains.

What does it take to be a mountain?  Well here's a dictionary definition.  A mountian is a natural elevation of the earth's surface rising more or less abruptly to a summit, and attaining an altitude greater than that of a hill, usually greater than 2000 ft. (610 m).

If I asked what is the tallest mountain on earth, most people would be able to answer that question.  Mt. Everest, of course.  But if I were to ask how much of the world's population lilve in the mountains, I'm sure most people wouldn't have a clue.  One tenth, would be the correct answer.

And these would be the La Cruzita mountains in Mexico.  They are not flat, I was taking a panoramic view of how the people have built their homes on the side of the mountains.

Incredible.  I don't believe I've heard Ashley exclaim that she misses her mountains, but after visiting for two weeks I can see how you would get attached to them.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve. What can I say. I know I'm going backwards again, but sometimes you need to go backwards to go forwards. Here's some shots I took on Christmas Eve. My daughter and her husband went to Bronner's after Christmas and I teased them about having already been on Christmas Eve, because that's how decorated Pat and Mike's house is -- it's like a mini Bronner's.

I wish I would have counted how many trees they had up. There's the huge one and a few more big ones, decorated in themes, and smaller ones everywhere. Guess how many were in the bathroom? They were even up on a ledge in the bedroom. Oh, by the way there were three in the bathroom too, two that lit up and one that didn't.

Anyone into old decorations. Do you remember these? The bubble lighter thingies. I remember them being on my trees when I was a little girl growing up. I bet that gives away my age.....

How about these red orbit ornaments that spin? I don't remember those, perhaps they are further back? Or perhaps, they were just to expensive for my folks (we were raised more on the poor side of average). I didn't get a shot of the old fashioned spinners, but they are way cool and I plan to get some of those myself. The heat of the Christmas lights makes them spin, no electricity or extension cord needed. I love it.

More random shots of......what else Christmas trees. How many can you count in each picture?

Jealous anyone? I have one tree and even though I'm competitive by nature, I'll just enjoy their trees and be happy. A visit to Bronner's; either the mini one or the original in Frankenmuth, Michigan will give me a burst of Christmas extravaganza if I need it.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Playing with Candle Light

The Christmas tree by candle light.  Sorry folks, if I changed the angle to avoid the fish swimming by at the the top of the tree, I would have to forgo the candle light, which was the whole reason for taking these shots.
I think they look very cool.  With a little practice I bet I could make some pretty neat Christmas cards of my own.  Maybe I'll add that to my project list for next year.

This one is cool to, but I failed to notice how the lamps were on and that kind of spoils the effect of the candle and Christmas tree lights. You learn by doing, so I just hope I remember all this....Christmas 2010 is a long way off.

I like the black and white pictures better, but you may have a different opinion, so I'm posting both.

My hubby by candle light. Isn't he handsome?

And last but not least, the dog-less relatives that joined us for Christmas.  They love dogs, they just can't live with them.  Bugsy has taken a liking to Donna, it's very cute.

And Jeff joins us all the way from New York. Gotta love him!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Audra's godfather, Ferd and his wife Chris started sending her Snowbabies each Christmas and it has become quite a large collection.  It didn't take long for me to fall in love with them as well.  When she was old enough for me to visualize her moving out, I decided I'd better start collecting them myself, because if I didn't I would miss them for sure.

I usually receive them from a Christmas drawing or from my hubby,  I give them a list of some I like, but they chose which to buy.  I don't like to buy ones that are the latest out, or those that are retiring....I want them to mean something to me.  So one year I chose one with a deer, because I work at a Nautre Center and see deer there often.  I have one of a Snowbaby sitting in a big arm chair reading a book, because I love to read books to my grandkids.  I have a knitting one, because ...YOU guessed it.... I knit.  And one of my favorites is two Snowbabies eating icecream cones.  It reminds me of when Ashley & Audra were little and we'd go to the gas station by their Aunt Martha's up north and stop to buy these huge hand dipped cones.  Their favorite flavor was Superman.  The cones were super colorful and super messy and so were the girls before they finished the cones.

Here's some pictures of the additions to my Snowbaby collection this year.   Because I love my dog and she is nearly the same color.  Danan's a happy dog, just like this one.

This would be in honor of Griffin Sawyer's birth.

And this would be honor of Daniela Elizabeth's birth.

The stork is cute and remniscent of days gone by when we didn't talk about where babies come from.

And this would be "Prince Charming".

This past fall my daughter, Amanda was in friend's wedding.  A big box arrived with the Bridesmaid dress in it and when Amanda tried it on, Michael was astounded by her beauty.  He said "Mama you look like a Princess!"  Amanda is used to Michael and his compliments, but was not prepared for this question.  Michael then asked  "Can I be your Prince Charming?"

This post would not be complete without a photo of  my Prince Charming and his sister Princess Seri Ava.

Prince Charming Michael could use your help (how's that for a segue), if you haven't already read this post about Rex & Michael, please do so now.  Here the link - Rex & Michael

More Snowbabies are sure to be to added, I just have to wait and see what adventures this new year of 2010 brings and then start looking at Snowbabies.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


This FAMILY photo album was a Christmas gift from my oldest daughter, Amanda.
She is rather crafty and traditionally makes a Christmas craft for me and sometimes her sisters.
I do believe she occasionally includes special friends depending on the theme of the craft.

 If you know me at all; you know I'm all about family, so this gift was just perfect.  Thanks Amanda, I'll treasure it always.
And yes, Danan our Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier has been a  part of this family for six years now.
There is Miss Ava in a familiar pose.  She is most likely giving someone directions on how to do something.

That would be Gramie LaLa & Sydney enjoying the big blue slide at the Cast Away Cafe.  What a super fun and exhausting day that was.

I was tickled that she included one of my  favorite pics of  her two angels (did I say that?) all ready for bed and watching a favorite movie.

Michael has always loved Tractors, farms, and apple orchards.

Audra & Rick, they should have been "Cutest Couple" in High School, but alas they weren't a couple just good friends.  Although I did tell her to date that guy, she didn't listen to me at the time.


Amanda left several picture spots  for me to fill with  pictures of Griffin, and Ashley, Miguel and Daniela.  Then there's Grandpa and the Samoluk & Hall parents, and we have to put the ultrasound photo of the new baby in there when Audra gets one.  Uh-Oh I may need more pages for this album, the family is getting bigger.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yesterday's News! A Must Read Folks

Yesterday three of my girls checked in and each call I could tell there was something urgent about it.

The phone ran at 7:30 am.  Never a good sign at our house.  As the kids were growing up it was a definite NO-NO to have anyone call our house in the morning, because their Papa worked nights and was sleeping.  (It never failed someone would call our house on a snow day and wake him up.) So when the phone rang that early I immediately knew something was up.  It was Amanda and luckily it was good news, news I'd been waiting to hear...she'd been overwhelmed with trying to deal with Michael's school situation, but called to say that she was ready to continue the fight.  In light of recent developments, she decided not only for Michael sake, but it's just wrong what the school is doing and she is going to pursue this issue whatever it takes to get results she's satisfied with.  Please read my last post and it will explain further what's going on.

Next while getting my hair cut two calls came in from my daughter Meghan.  One call I would have waited until I reached home to return, but two calls.....well I waited until I was on the straight road home and didn't have to make any turns and called her back.  The conversation started like this.  "Mom, I think we are going to need your services".  I thought..." how soon do I need to get on a plane?"  But it turned out not to be that urgent.  Sydney once again has strep throat and because of how many times she's had it this year, she's going to an ENT to see about getting her tonsils out.  Day Care policy is when they get their tonsils out, they can't come back for two weeks.  Yes, Gramie would love to come help, just let her know when she's needed.

Then while we were eating dinner my phone went off, it was a text message.  I found my phone and was downloading the message and our house phone rang.  Oh! this can't be good, I'm thinking.  As I'm saying "Hello" and waiting for the person to answer, I see that the text is a photo............

And then the photo pops up as Audra says "Hello, Mom"

And it looks alot like this one!

Below the picture it said "Ready for #6?"

 I'm in shock.....but I'll recover.  My baby, having a baby?  She's my youngest.  I keep reminding myself, she's older than I was when I had my first one and she's been married longer.  I was 19 1/2 and married just 18 months when Amanda came into the world. Audra will be close to turning 23 when this one arrives and will be married three years in June.  Congrats Audra & Rick!

Today I learned that being an older Mom can still be an emotional rollercoaster.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rex & Michael

*** WARNING! If you start reading this post, you MUST read to end.****

A Must Read!  Rex by Cathleen Lewis
This is a story about a mom, her autistic son and the music that transformed their lives.  Rex has been profiled twice by 60 minutes, so perhaps your aware of his music.  Regretfully, I hadn't heard of him before I read the book.  Is there some invention out there that can scan the TV Guide and alert you to the fact that there's a program on that day regarding a praticular subject you're interested-- in my case it would be  autism.  That woud be awesome.  What would be on your list?

But I regress, back to the book.  Out of 60 reveiws on it received all 5 Stars.  It boils down to this and I know it's probably because of the situation Michael is in right now, but the parts that really stood out to me were these two chapters: A System out of Touch, and an IEP. 

The school system and his educators were out of touch with Rex's needs.  His mom made an unepected visit to the school and found him in a time-out (literally - outside).  When his Mom asked questions she found out that he was wasn't allowed to go to P.E. & recess, because he had to finish the work he'd missed during timeouts.  His IEP wasn't being followed and the teacher had him on a behavoir plan, which Mom knew nothing about.  Rex's Mom demanded an observation day (hours long) and a follow-up meeting with the team of district specialists and various teachers.  She was her own advocate.  I was amazed at her determination to get what Rex needed without alienating those that could help him. Rex had some challenging weaknesses, but he also had some amazing strengths.  They just had to figure out how use those strengths to overcome the weaknesses.

The law may provide services for a child, but sadly it doesn't guarantee the quality of those services.  And as the system becomes bogged down by more and more autistic kids, the Disabilty Acts people can't keep up with the cases.  Rex, has a happy ending in the book and that's what I want for my grandson, who is also on the autistic spectrum.

My daughter has fought for services for Michael since the day he came into their foster home and it continues today.  She's getting worn down by these continual battles.  He's been in four different schools.  That may not sound like very many to you, but the time it's taken to actually find them, weed out the dozens that won't accept him, have waiting lists or won't meet his needs takes days or even weeks.  Plus getting all his therapies arranged to all the locations and time schedule conflicts sorted out it's mind boggling.  Physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy etc.  This in an ongoing and endless endeavor (if the school changes everything else has to also), not to mention summers - that seasonal delimna all working moms face.

Mommy & Michael

Right now Amanda & Derek could use your prayers.  They are stuck between a rock and a hard place with their current school.  Like Cathleen, they see Michael's strengths and potential and want the best for him.  Not only that, but when they adopted him they promised the state that they would advocate for his special needs.  What Michael needs right now is a one on one aid of his very own - but don't stop there, join me in praying for God's will for Michael's life.  Pray for doors to open in any area that God sees fit for Michael - wherther it be diagnotic testing, chelation, DAN Dr's,  or even a plain old miracle.  Pray for God to open doors, windows and crevices we can shimmy through.  Pray for a super-awesome aid, a perfect match for Michael.  This grandson, means the world to me. 

Michael is way behind physically and the effort he has to make to do ordinary things sometimes makes him visably shake at times.  His sister, two years younger passes him up on playground equipment and wants to cut in front of him because he takes to long.  Imagine his frustration.  When he's over tired and stressed out his Tourette's gets worse and physically makes it impossible for him to pay attention (with his eyes blinking, facial grimaces and head jerking around).  I've heard him ask to go to bed, because he just can't deal with it anymore.  It breaks my heart.  He's come so far....... won't you join me in praying for help for this sweet little boy?

Before he was our legally, he was ours in our hearts.

Adoption Day!

Please comment below if you are praying for Michael, it would be such an encouragement for me and all that love this little guy.

And if you're a blogger, put a short blurb about Michael on your blog and my prayer request with a link back here to this post, so your viewer can add their name to the post if they are committing to pray for Michael.

I promise to update as God answers our prayers.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting a Face Lift!

Sometime in January I will be taking Niki up on her offer below. She is the person that put together my blog header when I created this blog. Now it's time for a face lift. If you need one too, take Niki up on her offer. Support Blogs for a Cause and have some fun for yourself; it's a win - win situation.

And this is for YOU people. Everyone that reads others blogs and haven't started one of your own. It's not that hard, people...If I can do it so can you. EVERYONE has something to say, come on email Niki and get started, it all goes for a good cause.

My email from Niki. I'm sure she won't mind me sharing it with everyone.

Merry Christmas to everyone from Blogs for a Cause! I would like to extend a warm thank you for your support to BFAC in the past. I am writing this from the Dominican Republic where I am staying for 2 weeks (, working with children from the slums of Puerto Plata. In the past year I have worked in the DR, Haiti, and Ethiopia. I am currently fundraising to move to Puerto Plata in May 2010, as soon as I finish University. While I am looking for donors to enable me to do this, my most successful fundraiser so far has been Blogs for a Cause, so for that, I thank each and every one of you who have supported me in the past! Not to mention the several thousand dollars we have raised for charities around the world J

As an expression of my gratitude, I am offering all past customers a $5 off coupon that can be used anytime in January. I already charge a reduced fee of $25 for 2nd time customers, so this will bring the cost down to $20 for you. Please let me know if you have any questions, and a Merry Christmas to everyone!

Nikki Cochrane

If you are interested in supporting my work in other ways, please send me an email and check out my fundraising letter, attached! I am looking for donors to help support me during the time I will be living in the Dominican (I am aiming to live there for at least a year) and am also always looking for donations for the programs I work with, and supplies to bring down with me (such as gently used kids clothes, shoes, school supplies, medicines, vitamins, sports equipment, books, and crafts). If anyone is interested in coming to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic to vacation and see some of the amazing work being done in the slums, please contact me and I can help to plan your trip! Even if it is just one day ‘in the field’, it will be a day that won’t be forgotten!


To read about my work in the DR and Haiti
To read about my work in Ethiopia

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Online Shopping

I've been shopping at my favorite on line store, that would be I've posted about it before, so just click here and I won't have to repeat myself.

This is what I ordered today. They are being sent directly to the specified person, except there is no shipping to Mexico, so Ashley you'll just have to wait until we see you to deliver it.

A Princess book for my own little princess Ava. This comes with a CD, so it should be fun to listen along and you won't have to wait for Mom or Dad to read it to you.

And Michael I heard that you like Frog and Toad books, so does your cousin, Sydney. Your Mom told me you are getting very good at reading by yourself. I'm SO PROUD OF YOU! You'll have to practice reading this one and maybe you can read me a few pages on Skype. Gramie LaLa would just love to hear you read.

And I ordered a Gymboree book a couple weeks ago for Ashley & Daniela and I loved it so much I went back on and ordered another one for Meghan & Griffin. When Ashley was little I put her in a Gymboree program for awhile and I have very fond memories of playing all the hand and action games and singing the silly songs with her.

Sydney, Gramie is still looking for a book to send you. I'm trying to find some Tag books, but if that fails I'll come up with something else.

Kids let me know if there's a special book you're interested in or a topic you want to know more about and I'll see what I can find. In the past Michael has taken an interest in volcanoes and bridges. Miss Ava has been stuck on princesses for awhile, but before that we had some fun with books about mice. Sydney, well that kid just loves to read period. With her it's all about quantity, she just can't seem to get enough.

I think paperbackswap will be my favorite site for online shopping for a long, long time.