Friday, May 28, 2010

I've been busy creating these....

Baby Shower invitations for Audra & Rowyn's shower.

Actually this is version two and there is a version three as well, as I keep running out of ribbon and can't find more of the same, so I have to keep switching.  They are all super cute.  I hope to mail them after the Holiday weekend.

If you think these are cute, just wait until you see the diaper cake with the bee theme.  It's going to be just awesome, diaper cakes are just so much fun to put together.

Here's the one I made Amanda - my first cake
Ava's Baby Shower

Meghan 's cake - for Sydney's Shower

Ashley's cake for Daniela's Shower

For the Neighbor's Grandson - My only boy cake.

In a couple weeks I'll have another cake photo to add to my stash.
I know the anticipation is killing you.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Way Back When Wednesday #7

I've recently been scanning photos and uploading them to Kodak.  All of my girls professional photos, was that ever a project.  It took me several weeks to scan them all  -   from newborn hospital photo to their senoir pictures.

While going through all the photos I found some I don't even remember being taken or having seen before.  Now that is very unusual.  These were taken with my first camera, which I don't remember what kind it was, but it took square photos with rounded corners.  The ones I scanned to show you taken in July of 1978 and it looks like the steps out the patio door at my house on Rhodes Road, but I could be mistaken.

Allen, Martha & Troy

The back of the pictures says "Troy is almost 3"
There's a big resemblance to Carson, don't you think?
And I can't believe how much Martha looks like Taryn, that's a first for me to see a remblance between the two ot them.

Here's Annie and  my brother Steave
holding Denise & Stephanie.
Stepahnie 3 1/2 & Denise 1 1/2

I wish my brother had his hat off, he may have had a full head of hair at the time.
Denise's kids are going to be adorable!

Bruce and I with Amanda.

Wasn't that fun.  I love to share pictures back when I was skinny, to bad the glasses are huge and I have the angel wing hair style.

Monday, May 24, 2010

He's Home!

Cameron came home from the hospital today.  Everyone is so very happy.  Grandma Dawn left the family of four, (Cameron has an older sister too) and she said she'd be back first thing in the morning to love on him.

Our prayers have been answered.   His surgery went well and he's home now. I hope to get a picture of him soon.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thank you for praying!

Cameron's surgery went well.  They were able to correct the blocked urethra through lazer surgery and if he continues to well over the weekend, he will be able to go home on Monday.  That is great news.  If the lazer surgery didn't work he would have had to have a tube out of his side until the age of two, when they would do major corrective surgery.   We are so thankful this did not happen.  God continues to show us his favor and for that we are thankful.

Sorry I still do not have a picture of this little guy, but I have heard he's just gorgeous.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here HE is #7

Henry will be grandchild Number Seven if the last two are born in order of their due dates.

Amanda emailed me some ultrasound photos of him.  Here's little Henry.

There's very limited body fat at this age, so you can see the skeleton plainly.

It looks like he's sucking his thumb and hanging onto his little ear.
So cute.  He's probably going to be a blankey baby.

The best news is that if doesn't look like he has kidney issues like his sister Ava.  That's good news indeed.

We have another baby in the family that was born with some issues with the urinary tract systerm and even though he's only a week old, he'll be undergoing surgery tomorrow.  Pray for Baby Cameron in Florida, and his parents and Grandma Dawn.  It has to be so difficult to give your baby over to surgeons when they are so small and vunerable. 

God, be with the surgeons tomorrow, guide their hands and give them wisdom in making decisions regarding the health of this little one.  Give Dawn, Chad and Stephanie peace of mind and bless all those responsible for Cameron's care now and since his birth.  Thank you for being a God of healing and a God of love.  We pray that soon Cameron will be able to go home and assume a normal life of a healthy newborn.  Amen.

I'm Wrong and I Don't Care!

It's a BOY!   Derek and Amanda are elated!  So is the rest of the extended family.  We are so happy for them. 

His name will be the Polish version of Henry like Derek's Dad - Henryk Samoluk.  His father did not have a middle name and that's up in the air for the time being as to wether they will give little "Henry" one.

I'm so thankful for all the good news today.  He has both kidneys and everything looks great, he was super active today - Hyper Child?  The technician said he's the most active they've seen in a while.  Maybe it's a stage?  Do they go through stages this early?

I'm wrong and I'm still happy.  God is Good!  All the Time!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Melissa's Baby Shower

Yesterday was Melissa's Baby Shower.  Her due date is 7/13 and there are numerous birthdays she could hit:  7/6 is Ashley, 7/14 her Grandpa, 7/17 her Grandma, 7/19 her Mom's, 7/28 Ava, 7/30 Amanda, there are a couple more that elude me at the moment.

She received some very nice gifts and the shower went by very quickly.  Jon's parents bought them a glider to rock the baby in and a Pack n Play. 

Too soon it was time to get a picture together and say our Good-Byes.

Oh!  it's a boy and they are not agreeing on a name yet.  They want a name that starts with a C - have you heard any cute ones lately?  Leave me a comment.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Suprise is on Me!

Well on us .............all of us..................really.............even Amanda, because they did not find out what the baby is today. 

Amanda had her ultrasound, but they were to busy making sure the baby was okay to search for male or female parts.

You see, I received a phone call last night which stated their household had more drama.  I'm used to phone calls that start out that way.  Usually it's Mr. Michael or Miss Ava who are the culprits, but this time it was Amanda herself.  She was on a bar stool (NO she wasn't drinking) in the kids bedroom painting and she fell off.  She hit her head on the kids dresser and knocked herself out.  Besides the big egg, cut and bruise on her forehead, she also did a major skin job from knee to ankle on one leg and a major buise on her thigh.

The kids weren't much help neither one of them were interested in watching her until Derek came home from work, they both wanted to go back to their dusting chores. LOL They spent the rest of the night drawing her leg with the bone coming out and her head all bloody.  Kids are so sympathetic.

Anyway, the baby checked out okay and that is all that matters.  Well that and Amanda now has the weekend to rest up.  Today she is limping and sore all over, especially the head and wanting to lay low for awhile.

Her next ultrasound is the 19th, so we hope and pray that there is no more drama for awhile and on that day we will find out what this new little one will be.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm a Great Aunt

Cameron Allen (or Alan, not sure) was born sometime after midnight so Happy Birth Day little one.  He is the son of Chad Messenger & Stephanie.  He weighed a little over eight pounds and is being transferred to a hospital in Jacksonville FL and will stay for approximately five days for testing and possibly surgery.  They've know for several months that he has some medical issues with the urinary system, but no definite information as to what exactly the problem is or how serious at this time.

Please keep them in your prayers as this little begins his life outside the womb.  Chad is a first time Daddy, and my sister Dawn is experiencing the joys and the worries of being a Grandma for the first time also.

IF I receive photos I'll post them, but I'm not very optomistic at this point in time.  Grandma's have been know to go out on the limb and do strange things when it comes to pictures of their grandkids.  Perhaps she'll bribe someone with a camera or the hospital may have pictures online of all the babies in the nursery.  We'll see.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WBW#5 Way Back When They Were Still in the Nest

Before they were grown and had flown.

First one - Amanda

Then Two - Amanda & Meghan

Then Three - With Ashley in the nest.

And here we have The Big Girls and the Little Girls = 4.
Audra sure looks happy in this picture, she was a pretty easy going baby.

And now they have all grown and flown and have started nests of their own.  Soon Amanda will add a third baby to her nest.  What will it be, we have another day to wait and Friday we hope the ultrasound reveals the answer to the big question.  Boy or Girl!  Vote on the side bar if you haven't yet.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day For Me

Although I would of loved to have spent Mother's Day with all my girls or at least one of them............the miles kept us apart.  At least I spent Mother's Day with a child that means the world to me.  Ten hours to be exact and it was not boring.  Let's leave it at that.  He was on his best behavior for Mother's Day.

I took my camera to capture some updated photos of him for me and his Mom (family).  I could hardly believe it when he looked at the camera as if he knew just what to do and then he looked and smiled.

I wish his Mom could have been there to experience that.  He's never been that interested or cooperative before when I've flollowed him around with a camera.  Usually I take at least 50 shots to get one good one.  Not this time, out of the first 10 I took over half of them were keepers.

We went outside for awhile, but did not last long in nhe high winds that blew the cold right through our clothes and chilled us to the bone.

Thanks Buddy for the great day and for giving me those awesome smiles, your Mama's going to love these too.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spiritual Cheerleader Needed!

I was so uplifted, encouraged and enlightened with a new attitude at Joyce's Conference and have been trying to stay focused and moving forward since I've returned home.  Joyce said it would be hard when you leave the conference and you no longer have a spiritual cheerleader, so I'm advertising for one.

Spritual Cheerleader Needed!  Must have loads of common sence, lots of spunk, and a loud voice.

Actually I've been catching her TV programs, I've rewritten my notes from all four of her sessions I went to and I've ordered three of her books.  No, I'm not on a follow Joyce campaign, I'm following Christ, but I get Joyce... she makes sence to me.  When we were planning the trip, we needed a fourth person and asked a coworker, but she declined.  She said she didn't care for Joyce, because everything she said was just common sence and she already had that.  Well I don't, so I guess that's why what she teaches, clicks with me.

Here's a few little reminders from the conferece:

Know God and Your Inheritance:  Ephesians 1:18 & John 14:17
Proclaim out loud what you have in him - It is scientifically proven that you will believe more of what you say, than what others say.  Acknowledge everything that is yours in Christ. Philemon1:6

We have Joy & Peace - we need to start using it.

Make HOPE a habit

Verbalize your expectations and get into agreement with God.
Wait    Long for      Expectings
Samuel 26:11 & Psalm 27:13 & 14.

Think about God and NOT about your problems.

We can expect and believe in God for a healing mind set.
Don't think old -- Think strong and positve.  Our joy is connected to our health.

Commit to getting over being STUPID.
Repent for Stupid and Wait on the Lord.

Do your part - Get Stress out of your life.    Rest/Sleep/Get Stress Out.

What I've shared today is just part of two pages of my notes.  I'll leave you with this thought, Joyce repeated it many times at the Conference.  How did she know I needed to hear it over and over again?

If you do what you can do: God will do what you can not do.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Way Back When #4 & Time to Vote

Here's a glimpse of Amanda Way Back When she was a month old and one of Ava when she was 3 months old.  I can't believe I put that silly curl on top of Amanda's head.  I suppose they will look at the huge flowers they are putting on little girls heads now days and laugh about them later too.

Ava still looks the same today, just bigger.

Now it's time to vote.  Amanda will be going for her ultrasound on the 14th and another on the 19th (because of her high risk status), so we will be finding out soon if it's a boy or girl.  You have less than 10 days to vote. Don't wait to long and don't change your mind, first impressions are most likely to be right.

I'm going to go way, way, way out on a limb .............

So far I think I've predicted all of my grandchildren correctly, but I've had a feeling about each one and for some reason I'm not getting any vibes on this one.

Let me just say this.  Amanda & Derek adopted Michael and have only had him in their care since he was 15 months old, so I think it would be super great if they were to get a boy and start from the very beginning. I also know that Derek & Amanda want to pass on Derek's fathers name if it's a boy.  Derek & his Dad were super close before Scleroderma took his fathers life away several years ago.  I also feel that Ava would benefit greatly from having a little sister.

Good Grief how is a Gramie to vote?

I can't stay out on this limb verrry long.....

Okay I'm going to vote


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

US Citizen

Daniela has her US Passport!

And her record of Birth Abroad!  Hip Hip Hooray!

Apparently theres just one more thing she needs to have before she makes her first trip to the U.S.
Pray that this last part goes smoothly and quick, the trip is less than a month away.

Obviously that's not her, but I would like a patriotic picture of her like this.  We'll have to see what we can do once she gets here.

Her room is painted, now we just have to get the crib from a friend and set it up with the Nursery bedding and decals for the walls.  I purchase a Laura Ashley crib set for $30 on Ebay and it looks like brand new.  I'm so excited to see it completed.

All in the Family

From the east coast, to the west and out of U.S. my girls are spread, but we keep in touch.  Even so far apart we have many similarities going on in our lives.  Here's just a few.

1)  Two of my girls are pregnant - Amanda & Audra
2)  Due the same month - September  (Will they both be girls?)
3)  Two of us are remodeling bathrooms - Amanda & Us.
4)  Two of us are painting nurseries - Audra (did and will after the move) & Us.
5)  Two have been dealing with baby sleep issues - Meghan & Ashley
6)  Two of us are starting new raised bed gardens - Meghan & Us.
7)  Two of us will meet in Canada this month - Amanda & Us
8)  Two of us are moving - Audra & Ashley

I'm sure there are more, I just think slow first thing in the morning.  Leave a comment anyone if you can think of anthing I may have missed.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baby Girl No Longer

Remember when Audra had her ultrasound and they thought she was having a girl.

But there was still some doubt, so they didn't say for sure.

Well Audra had a second ultrasound and this time Rick was able to be present and guess what.........

It is a girl!    But "Baby Girl" no longer, because they've officially named her.  Rick's being deployed and they wanted her to have a name before he left.

This little girl, my 6th Grandchild has been named Rowyn Grace Roberts.  The middle name is one of four under consideration and could possibly change, but Rowyn is here to stay.

Gramie approves of the name and is looking forward to meeting her in September.  Grace was my grandmother's name, Rowyn would be her great-great granddaughter.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Double Tagged!!

My fellow blogger Erin & My daughter Meghan tagged me

So here are the rules to play along:

1) Go to your photo files, select the 8Th photo folder.
2) Select the 8Th photo in that folder.
3) Post that photo along with the story behind it
4) Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same!

This one is for you Erin:

This is a picture of my Grandchidren, Sydney who's 3 and Griffin who was 4 months at the time.
Gramie was having a photo session, because the kids were all dressed up to go to the club for brunch.

This one is for Meghan's Tag:  I used the same count but skipped an album of photographs I had scanned but did not actually take the pictures myself.

This is Griffin in his new cloth diapers.  They are called G Diapers, can read all about them here.

         I decided after looking over both Erin & Meghan's lists to not post to 8 people to play along.  I don't have 8 left to post to and I was tagged twice, so I posted two pictures, that will just have to do.