Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Parker School Playground for Tots

The High School has a teeny tiny playground in the back,
where they have a day care and teach classes on child development.

I wish it had a swing, that's all it really lacks to be
a great playground for us.
It has several slides, a tube to climb through
and a rock wall to climb up.

Daniela sees the owls they put on the school roof to
scare away the barn swallows from nesting.
It doesn't work, they don't care about the fake owls.

You can see where they removed a continuous line of nests
and still several rebuilt and hatched some nestlings
despite their destruction efforts and owls.

She'd be content to play here all day if I'd let her.
Danan, our dog can come with us, because it's all
fenced in and I can shut the gate and let her off her leash.

This is just one of the many different playgrounds we visit.


Meghan said...

so cute! I loved that outfit on Syd- so comfy in the heat.

Theresa said...

she is such a doll!!