Sunday, June 19, 2011

My New Normality

Many changes have taken place in just a couple days.
Friday was my last day at work.
The anniversary of starting to work at the Nature Center
was the day after Labor Day and this year
would have made 14 years.

My reason for leaving is because I need more time
off than was feasible working in the finance department.
With six of my seven grandchildren living many states away,
I need to be able to take more than two weeks vacation a year.
I need to be there for my girls when they need me and
I need time with my Grandkids to be happy.

When Amanda called and said "Ava needs an MRI they are suspecting a
pituitary tumor.  Can you come?"  The answer was yes.
(Thankfully that was ruled out)

When Meghan called and said "Sydney needs her tonsils out and her Day Care
won't let her come back for two weeks.  Can you come?"
I did.

When Audra was giving birth with her husband in Afghanistan
she didn't even need to ask.
I was there.

Now it's Ashley's turn.
Yesterday after a bit of excitement .....
(Cancelled Continental flight, re-booking on Delta,
sitting on the freeway in a traffic jam, etc)
Ashley left for Spain for five weeks.
This is not a fancy vacation, it's a
requirement for her Masters degree.

My new Normality.....
staying home and caring for this munchkin 24/7.

This is not a sacrifice that I'm making.
Indeed this is something I was made for.
God gave me a passion for children...all children
and I'm happiest when I'm using my God given gift.

My new normality....
up at 5:30 a.m. to lift a sleepy eyed darling with
hair in her eyes, and a Binky in her mouth
from her crib.

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Hauch Family said...

So excited for you Aunt Doris! You are an awesome mom and it is a gift you give to your children by showing up when they need you!!