Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Way Back When Wednesday #12 Sisters

Way back when my sister, Martha (in the stripes) actually flew to Florida with me to see my Mom and our other sister, Dawn (in the middle).  She had the oldest, ugliest green hardback suitcase you've ever seen.  My sister received it many years ago as a graduation gift.  It made the trip even more interesting watching people stare at that darn suitcase and hearing their comments.  We were teasing and joking around so much on the plane, the man sitting with us said that it was the most fun he'd ever had on a flight.


We were all quite a bit thinner then and a lot less gray.

This last picure includes my mother's mother, my Grandma Brush.  This I believe is the Grandma I'm going to look like in my elder years.  But that's okay with me, she was a nice looking lady and I miss her dearly.  I've been told many times that I look like my Aunt Sandy and boy has my Aunt Sandy ever started looking like my Grandma these past few years. 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Texan in the Family

Now that's a cute baby bump.  My sixth grandchild is in there, growing and maturing and getting ready to make her entrance into the world.  It's definetly a girl, and we will get a 3D look at her soon.  Her birth papers have been pre-filled out and her name on those papers says - Rowyn Gracie Jane Roberts.
She will be born at a hospital in El Paso, TX and it says "Congradulations on your new Texan" on the paperwork.  Audra & I thought that was pretty funny.  Never thought we'd have a Texan in the family.

This brought tears to my eyes.  Pray for this young family.  Audra is going it alone, far from old friends and family.  It's tough to not hear anything from your husband for days on end and to worry about his safety.  Last week several guys from his unit were hurt, one very seriously.  Pray for Rick and his comrades that God puts a shield of protection around them and keeps them safe while they are in Afghanistan.   Rick has a return visit scheduled for a couple of weeks after the baby should arrive, it will be a short, but sweet visit.  I'll be going for two weeks when Rowyn makes her debut.

Audra's coming home for a baby shower and I can't wait to hold my hand on her tummy and feel Rowyn kick and move around.  Gramie LaLa is in her glory!  I can't believe I'm going to have SEVEN grandchildren in a few short months. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Cooling Off!

Hot isn't so bad, but hot & muggy is the worst.
Here's the mystery child doing what he does best.

Bobbing under water.

Swimming under water!


And jumping into the water!

I'll be joining him again this weekend, but I won't bob up and down, or swim under water or jump in.

I will get in inch by inch slowly and surely, until I'm waist deep. 
 And we will do our water ballet once again. 

 Sorry I have no pictures of that to share!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Way Back When Wed. #11 My Mom

This time we are are going back further than usual, this picture is around 70 years old.  The handsome man is my Grandfather, Virgil John March and the little girl is my mother Dolores Ann March.  I don't believe there was a date on the photograph or an age for my mom, but I'd say she looked around five.  My mother will be 76 in July.  My grandfather is deceased, and if I had more time I'd look up some facts for you, but with only one day off in the seven days that make up a week, let's just say I'm a bit busy!!

A little younger Dolores in this picture and for some reason I see my brother, Steaven in her smile, maybe because it looks a little mischevious.

That bunny is as big as she is!  Do you see any of the grandchildren in her photos?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Good Grief!

MckMamma visited my blog, and what did she see NUTTIN, that was my last post.  Ugh!  There went my chance to impress the queen of bloggers.  If you have no idea who MckMama is, click here to go to her My Charming Kids blog and meet her amazing family and view her totally awesome photography.  I'm so bummed, dang-it!  It only I'd come up with some amazing post instead of admitting my life unexciting over the weekend.  Ugh! It's going to take me a long time to get over this.......

Perhaps if I'd of just posted this cute story about how we found out the dog is jealous of the new baby.  You see when baby Danny was going to bed I took her over to Grampe for a good night Father's Day kiss and the dog got up off the floor and came over and laid her head in Grampe's lap.  Perhaps she just wanted to tell him how much she loved him too, or just maybe she didn't like the baby lovin on Her master.  What do you think?


This photo may have impressed her, if I would have posted it.  Would have, should have, could have.  Ugh!


Or this one might have given her an idea for the many wedding photoshoots she does.

Inspirational or underexposed????  You decide.  Even this one would have been better than NUTTIN.

I'd been meaning to do a post about how I love my frog.  Not the green jumping kind, the kind you put in a vase to help hold the flowers up straight and so they aren't all in a bunch.

And who can resist a new baby.?  I wish this picture had both him and his twin sister in it, but she was sleeping with mommy.

If she had seen something as precious and beautiful as this perhaps she'd come back to visit again.
Good Grief Dorsey, let this be a lesson to you, never post about never know who's going to stop by.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Nuttin Much Happening

Although my weekend was busy with taking care of G.T. both Saturday and Sunday, I don't feel that I have anything of interest to post.  I did however, update my profile if you care to read it, it's on the right hand side bar.

My one day off this week is full of appts already.  Yikes! and I have to care for G.T. Saturday and Sunday next weekend too.  I really don't mind as I know that when college begins  for Ashley (going back for her Masters Degree)  my days available to care for G.T. will be limited as I'm going to be in charge of Daniela while Ashley is in school.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Company Came

Great Grandma and a friend of hers came to meet Daniela for the first time.

And we took a Four Generation Picture - Dolores Ann, Doris Ann, Ashley Ann & Daniela Elizabeth.

Daniela enjoying the neighbors baby swing.

And the jogging stroller, Natalie gave us.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WBW Wednesday #10 - First Communion

Audra's & Ashley's first Communion.  Both of them wore their Grandma Korte's headpiece.
Unfortunately their Grandma passed away the year before Ashley's communion, so she did not have the opportunity to see their first communion ceremony.  It did however, help us feel her presence with us that day.  She was such an awesome lady, and has been deeply missed at each and every big family event, like graduations, weddings etc.

I have a picture of their Grandma on her first communion in the same veil, but can not put my hands on it at this moment.  It was my intention to post all three pictures.  Oh! Well, sometimes things do not work out as planned.

Who knows, maybe someday Daniela or Rowyn can wear her headpeice, wouldn't that be totally awesome? Or one of my sister in law Donna's granddaughters "to-be".  I say "to-be", because she doesn't have any yet.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Daniela

New bath tub at Gramie's house.

New crib with new toys and old favorites, like kitty-cat.


New fangled toys, that play cool music.


          One Happy Baby Girl!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Down on the Farm

I've made some cute birthday cakes in my day, but I can't take credit for this one.  Someone was showing me pictures of her grandkids when I saw this birthday cake photo.   I don't know what's cuter, the barn or the pigs, sheep and chicks.  It would make any little farm animal lover an adorable birthday themed cake.

Friday, June 11, 2010


A friend of mine came by on Sunday with her husband and a truck load of baby gear for Daniela.  The back of the truck was full and they unloaded it into my livingroom.  Not only did they deliver and unload, but they would not take a dime.  Everything was in great condition and as you can see from the pictures below Daniela has already started using them.  What a lucky girl she is. 

Thanks Natalie! What a lucky girl I am to be blessed to have such a generous and caring friend as she.  The day I left work to go pick up my granddaughter at the airport, Natalie was on the phone.  As I was preparing to back up the car, she came running out and gave me a hug through the open car window.  She was so excited and happy for me to have my sweet kiddo coming to live with us.  What a simple, but loving gesture, just sharing my joy.

Walking around on the paved driveway (just 6 1/2 months), but she can make that walker go all over the driveway.  She loves being outdoors and watching Danan play Frisbee.

Just hanging out in her room, sitting in the Bumbo chair.  Just love those baby feet.

This gorgeous highchair in mint condition matches our kitchen table perfectly.

Treasures not pictured: 2 Rubermaid tubs of girls clothing - only worn by one little girl (hers), one Rubbermaid tub of toys, a rocking infant chair, play pen, swing, diaper bag, 2 large baby play station toys, and a jogging stroller.  I may be forgetting something, but that's that majority of it.

Friend - Some one who gives her all and expects nothing in return.
A simple thank you seems so inadequate.  Ashley wrote her a nice "thank you" note and brought lunch to her at work yesterday, which is a rare treat.

Any ideas on what we could do further to show our appreciation?  My friend won't take money or gift cards.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Simpler Life Style

On a recent trip to Gladwin we passed several Amish buggies, with couples and families in them.  It was a Sunday and they were probably on there was home from church or visiting relatives farms.

I'm sure it was rude to take pictures of them, like they are an oddity or something, but I totally couldn't help it.  My photographic side made me do it.  I didn't have my good camera with me, but did the best I could with what I had.  The inhabitants of the buggies, did smile and one guy even waved.

What would it be like to be Amish?  Would it be easier to be closer to God, without all the stuff of our lives getting in the way?  You know the cars, the cell phones, computers, TV, IPODS etc.  Would we be happier without all the material things?  Would we be healthier without all the convenience foods? Now, that was a dumn question. 

I think it would be cool if you could sign up for an Amish vacation.  Don the clothes and live the life for two weeks.  Become one of the famly and see what it's really like to be Amish.  I wonder what percentage of people would seriously commit to being Amish after the trial period.

I'm sure there would be those who'd say "That was stupid, we could have gone to Disney World", but I don't think that I'd be one of those people.  I'd enjoy the home cooking, and love smell of the sheets that had hung on the clothesline in the sun.  I've always wanted to learn how to quilt like my Grandma and so that would be really gratifying.  Milk a cow?  Why not.  Tend a garden, I've done plenty of that in my day.  Be present at a farm animal birth, that would be awesome. 

Slowing down while we are on vacation is a new concept for some.  Yes, for me too.  I've been accused of wanting to get the most from every minute of the day on vacation instead of relaxing.

Do you wish you could live a simpler life style?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Way Back When Wedenesday #9

There are many people who participate in Wordless Wednesday.  They post a picture without any photo titles or a big long story.  So today will be a combination of Wordless Wednesday & Way Back When Wednesday.  Guess Who?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Tempted, oh so Tempted!

These two characters, were smiling at me this morning as I left for work.  I was so tempted to call in sick and stay home and play with them.  Daniela has taken a liking to "Ferdie" Audra's cabbage patch baby.  We asked her Aunt Audra is she can play with him until Rowyn arrives.  She very graciously agreed that it would be fine 

Daniela is having a grand time playing with all her new toys, swinging, jumping in the exersaucer, and today she tried out a walker and boy can she go.    I'll try to get a video of her, so you all can watch her too.

She loves chasing these balls around.  She tried to scoot and is very good at goin-a-round in circles.

Alas, I did go to work...and it's a good thing we had an all staff meeting. Grandpa and Ashley took Daniela to get her Social Security number in Lansing.  Ashley didn't want to let the passports out of her sight, to do it by mail and I don't blame her.

 During the meeting at work someone came in to announce that a bus just hit a staff persons car. 

I just leased a new vehicle and today was the first day I drove it to work.

Couldn't be!  Right?

They said it's a shiny new looking car.....

Several people said what kind of car?

They checked and came back.

Meanwhile the color is draining from my face.

It's a black Pontiac.  Whew!  not mine.  Mine is a Sport Blue Ford Fusion.
I'll try to post a picture of it when I get a chance.

I wanted to get this post up before work, but Blogger was down for maintenance or something.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Baby takes over the House

    Babies require a whole bunch of space. 
Daniela has her own cupboard space.

And her own freezer space for all that homemade baby food. Pears, applesauce, squash, sweet potatoes, carrotts and broccoli. Yum! Yum!


She whole-heartedly enjoyed her first taste of sweet potatoes.

Here she is sitting in the antique - 59 year old high chair that was once her Grandpa's.

And she's taken over her Mama's old room in the house.  Grandpa still has to paint the trim and there is a few more decals to put up.  This little baby has had no problems adjusting at all.  And we don't have a problem with her taking over the house.  Danan, our dog approves of her, they are getting along really well too.  At the moment we are one big Happy Family!  Stay tuned.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Flower Girl

Ava Lauren Samoluk - 4 3/4 years old

Flower Girl in her Aunt Annette's Wedding

Isn't she an adorable flower girl?

Fancy dress, Tiara, & Beautiful Red Roses

Feels like being a Princess.  She is Gramie's Princess Seri Ava!