Friday, June 3, 2011

The Grand Kids

My daughter, Meghan enjoyed Wednesday's post about Bangor, Maine;
but I'm sure most of you are waiting for pictures of the grandkids.

I did not get a photo of the three of them together, but did get shots
of Ava with Henry & Michael with Henry, so
that's what I'm sharing today.

Ava Lauren will be six in July and Henry is almost 8 months.

She looks 100 percent like her Mommy
and he looks....well I'll be posting toddler
pictures of Daddy for a comparison in a
few days, and you can measure it for
look-a-like-id-ness yourself.

They look so darn cute together.
My daughter, Amanda said it's usually Michael
that holds the charm where Henry is concerned,
but while I was there Ava did a fine job
of making him happy and getting him to produce big belly laughs.

Don't worry I have plenty of pictures of him to share
with big smiles, it was the serious looks I had a hard
time getting.

Michael & Henry
Michael will be eight in August.  Holy cow!
These pictures were taken about an hour before the
trip to the hospital.
Henry was not feeling well.

The boys!
Amanda is so blessed and I so am I.

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