Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Parker Boys

These boys belong to my daughter's very good friend, Eli.  Eli's boys are both cuties.  Sam is Sydney's age (3) and Charlie is one year old.  I always look forward to seeing my girl's friends when I'm in town visiting, and was happy that I was able to spend the day at the park with not only my daughter's family, but also with her friend Eli, the boys (Sam & Charlie) and her husband.

Some Traditional Pics of Sam and one close up.

Snips & Snails and Puppy Dog Tails!  That's what little boys are made of.

Charlie resembles Sam in so many ways.  He usually has crazy hair that I think is adorable, but this day it looked pretty normal.

When I see adorable little boys like this, I still wish I'd had just one of my own.
Alas, it was not to be.

Eli teasurers these little guys, she knows she blessed to have them. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Lady behind the Camera Gets in Front of It

I prefer to be behind the camera. Some of us are more photogetic than others.

Gramie LaLa and Griffin Sawyer - Before going to the Club for Brunch.

Meghan, Sydney 3 years old and Griffin Sawyer 5 months old.  Good Looks run in the family.

This last picture is just to prove he doesn't always smile, but he's just as cute crying as he is when he's happy.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Brother's Turn for some Lime Light

Griffin is 5 months old and getting very good at sitting up, but we cheated a little and used sister's new Adirondack chair.   I wished I would have had a black drape to throw over it, so the pink wasn't so distracting, but oh well.

This little guy loves to smile at anyone and everyone.

This is my favorite.  Griffin Sawyer, you're a doll.

Babies & puppies - we're going for double cute now.

How's this for adorable, MaMa?

I'm missing this little guy and all the snuggling I received from him while I was in North Carolina.  I'll be back in July, save some lovin' for Gramie LaLa.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bridge Photo Session

I'm so excited to post these latest photos.  I would really appreciate it if people would leave comments as to which they liked the most and why.  I know what appeals to me, but if you want to take pictures for other people you also need a sence of what they are looking for and which styles of pictures they prefer. 

I took well over 100 pics while we were playing at the stone bridge and deleted over half of them.  Still it was hard to go from over 50 to posting just 10.  Forgive me family, I promise the next photos on this blog will be of Griffin.

Here goes folks!!!!

This stone bridge on the golf course is such a cool setting for pictures.

If you're wondering, I didn't make the hat, but I'm now looking for a pattern to make some more like this one for my gr-girls, because it looks so smashing on Sydney.  The photos that are layed out landscape style like this one, you need to click on it to see the whole photo of the hat.

Sydney forgot all about the camera and just had good old fashioned fun.

Last time we took pictures here it was July and very hot, today is was cool & windy.

This child loves life and gets excited about the simplest of things.

Like throwing a few rocks off the bridge to make a splash in the water below.  What a silly goose!

Fishing for minnows, but catching only pond slime.

What a great way to spend time with my granddaughter; I'm not sure who enjoyed it the most her or I.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wild Johnny Jump-Ups

Do you know what they look like?  They are tiny, but oh so pretty.

Sydney enjoyed scouring the roadside to find them hidden amongst the grass and weeds.

Then she'd skip and hop back to the stroller to deposit them in the pocket hanging from the back of the stroller to take them home.

Only to stoop and hunt some more.

Then she'd announce "Okay, Gramie we have enough".

But then she'd spy another one and she'd have to stop and pick that one too.

"Aren't they beautiful, Gramie?"

They sure made a lovely arrangement that lasted for days and Mommy was pleased as can be with her new flowers.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Getting the Picture

There are times that getting the picture you want is just not that easy.  Case in point - little girl who just had surgery.  She still cries in the night, because her throat hurts and refuses to eat certain foods.   And the most terrible symptom of all is an aversion to picture taking.

In all honesty, I suppose it could just be her age or a stage she is going through, but many times I picked up my camera this is what I got.  If she had the energy she ran away, if not she covered her face or closed her eyes, therefore I couldn't see her.

Gramie LaLa stayed for a whole week, so she had to get crafty and come up with new techniques like hiding behind brother.  But never fear I managed to get plenty of great photos.

  I took Sydney for a walk to pick flowers and she loved having the time to stop and pick as she pleased, walking a few feet and stopping again.  Gramie was clicking away on the camera, but she was oblivious most of the time.

  On Monday, when the golf course was closed we skipped down hill to our favorite bridge for a photo session to play.  It was cool and windy, so we ran back and forth across the bridge to warm up, then found a long stick to fish out some pond scum and later threw in a few rocks.

The last day of "Day Care Gramie" I planned a tea party for three (Baby Jockah, her dolly joined us) and took a few pictures with my old Kodak camera. 

Luckily this little guy let me take as many pictures as my heart desired.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Way Back When #2 - Big and Little!

We have always referred to our girls as the Big Girls and the Little Girls.
Here's the Big Girls when they were little.  This was taken in Taylor, MI where we lived in a rental house for 2 years. 
The little girls in their Osh Kosh's.  Cuter than cute!

Today I flew home and promptly took a nap, those grandkids have a way of wearing me out.  I will share photos of the grand-kiddos I went to visit tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just like her Mama

This little munchkin is just like her Mama, when she was a little girl.  Meghan had a huge vocabulary and talked incessantly.  Although, Sydney had been talking much less since she had her tonsils out, yesterday she seemed to back to normal in that area.  Sydney just like her Mama likes to use big words.

At breakfast she told me she was going to "Slither like a snake under the table".  Later in the day she commented about someone having trouble doing something, "because there were to many distractions!"  And this morning she asked her Daddy to...."Please, put the cereal container on the table".  She was referring to the box of Frosted Flakes, which she calls "Frosted Snow Flakes".

My little granddaughter just turned three in November, but she tells the most amazing tales.  She does little demonstrations...like what her teacher does when she's unhappy with her behavoir at school.  What a crack-up that was.  She had her arms crossed over her chest and a very stern look on her face. 

I'll be listening for more big words as we spend out last day together.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring in North Carolina

We are celebrating the first day of spring by going to Burlington Park for a picnic.  It is a great place to take kids and Grandma's (It has a popcorn stand).  They have a carousel there and other kiddie rides including a train.  Friends of Meghan and Bill are meeting us there with their two boys, Sam and Charlie.  I will take my camera and be sure to capture as many moments as digitally possible.

Yesterday, Sydney and I took a long walk and she picked wild Johnny Jump Ups, while I took photos of her prancing around as happy as a lark.  She also collected a bunch of pretty pebbles and when we returned to the house we put both colorful pebbles and the pretty mini flowers in a crystal bowl for Mommy.  It was very Fung Shwae (sp?)  However you spell it.  We filled the bird feeder and Sydney rode her bike around the cul-de-sac.  It did require me helping a little as it is not level.  (This would translate---pushing the bike bent over around in circles getting all hot and sweatty.)

Griffin has not acted strange wtih me at all, he's very smilie and cuddlie and so much fun.  He has been going to Day Care as Sydney is a bit needy at the moment, but this weekend we will have ample opportunities to enjoy each others company. 

Cranberry scones are calling me with their delicious scent.....Meghan loves to cook and bake and I love to eat.  There goes the buzzer. Yummmy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Way Back When Wednesday - #1

This is the first official Way Back When Wednesday!  I thought it was very appropriate to feature my first born.  The story behind this picture is:  An Aunt of mine took two of her kids to have their picture taken straight from bed in their pj's looking as though they'd just woken up.  It is a picture-perfect picture, I wish I had a copy of it to share.  Many,  many years later I can still remember that the jammies were baby blue and matched.  Although this picture turned out looking much more posed and she's definetly wide awake, it did turn out pretty darn cute.  What do you think?

Don't be afraid to be a bit unconventional.  Hey! who said you have to show up with your kid spit polished and in their best clothes?  Just think how cute it will look years later when you have a photo of them all dirty and sweaty with their hair sticking up in the air or their pigtails falling out.

And just because I love black and white.....   One of these days, when I actually get to take the photo shop class (who knew you have to call immediately, because it's the first class to fill every time?) I will learn how to make this picture look really old, won't that be awesome.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Danan the Traveling Dog

I couldn't believe my eyes when I down loaded this picture of Danan from my camera.  It was taken weeks ago and I'd forgotten all about what was on the camera.  What an awesome shot.  I didn't crop it or anything, this is straight out of the camera.  What do you notice most about the photo?  The magnificent mountain range behind her, or perhaps the very blue sky with the fluffy clouds?  I asked my husband, Corky to look at the picture and those are things that he pointed out.   Our dog has not left Michigan or even Howell since Christmas time and this is most definitely a picture of our dog.  Can you figure out how I took this shot?. It took me awhile to figure it out myself.

And then I looked at the rest of the pictures I down loaded and finally was able to put two and two together and see just what I was looking at it the first photo.  I was out in my own side yard playing with the dog and taking pictures of her.

She loves the snow.  I hid the frisbee in this snow pile and encouraged her to find it.  It was way to easy for her.

Back to the mystery photo.  Here is the answer:  Danan is sitting on our paved driveway, with dirt exposed behind her and that beautiful sky is really a snow drift with shadows cast across it.  Isn't that amazing?  I bet you thought it was a fake backdrop.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Missing in Action

I haven't been MIA, just busy and apparently not thinking straight either; I can't believe I missed my first Way Back When Wednesday.  Please come back next Wed. I promise there will be something good.

What have I been up to?  Shoe shoppping just like I said I was going to.  I bought two pair of shoes and a pair of boots.   Hubby bought me two new Liz tops and I couldn't let the $85 fleece go by that was on sale for $9.50 at the Bass store either.  My savings for the shoes and clothing was $201.00. 

The shoes and boots were very necessary if you don't believe me, check out last weeks post here, where you will see just how bad I needed some shoes.

I've also been baking.  A coworker gave me some Amish Friendship Bread, you know--the starter mixture.  You then squish and mush the bag - add more sugar, flour and milk and squish and mush some more and on the tenth day you give three starters away, keep one for yourself and bake the rest.  This is where the story takes a very sad turn.  I took my starters to work to give away and not one single person would take one.  I was crushed.....it's friendship bread, didn't I have any people I could count on as a friend at work?  You'd of thought that I had bagged a plague the way people were fleeing from me.  So being the frugal friendless person that I am, I kept them all myself and did a lot of squishing, mushing and adding in my own kitchen feeling very much like the Little Red Hen.  But, this story has a happy ending.  I originally made Blueberry Cheesecake muffins.  Out of the starters I couldn't force on people (don't worry I'm never going into sales) I made Pumpkin Spice Bread, Cranberry Walnut Bread, Lemon Poppy Seed Bread and the most delicious Belgian Waffles ever.  Here's a picture of the Pumpkin Spice Bread with Cool Whip Lite as a topper.  Yummy!

Another project going on at my house is sorting, washing and boxing up of baby things.  I have a friend at work who's daughter just turned a year old and she's getting rid of everything, so she gave me first dibs on all her stuff.  Boy! did I ever hit the jack pot.  There's clothing that's never even been worn, some barely used and the rest lightly used.  I took both boys and girls clothing because the two new grandchildren arriving in Sept. is still a mystery as to which variety they will be.  I also bought two carseats, a Pack n Play, a tubby and a swing/highchair combination set.   I'll be ready when the grandchildren come this way and am willing to part with anything my girls can use at their houses.

Today I must clean my house, cook a couple meals, and pack as I leave for North Carolina on Tuesday.  I can't wait to rebond with Griffin and catch-up with Miss Sydney.   Hubby is sitting out this trip, he and the dog will have to maintain the fort without me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Maiden Name is Hose

A few days ago I was contacted through this blog by a gentleman by the name of James Hose.  This James Hose is not my cousin, he lives in England and is interested in Geneology.  He has a facebook page on the web called Hose Family - Worldwide.  Check it out - I found it very interesting.  I've always been interested in finding out more about my maiden name and my ancestors.  Computers have made it much easier to connect and share information than ever before.

I didn't know that there was a Laura Hose Elementary School in Indiana.   Much of the information on the site pertains to the Hose family in England.  But...... I did find a bit of information on the site (under the Discussion Tab - Death Announcements) that was very personal.  After navigating around the site I found myself face to face with my own father's obituary.  I didn't expect that and I wasn't prepared to read it.  Fresh grief hit me, I hadn't felt it so deeply in quite some time and wasn't prepared for how hard it hit me.  I miss my Dad.  I wish I'd spent more time with him in his beloved gardens and had him help me start an orchard in my back yard.  He'd be so proud to know that a couple of my girls have the Hose love of gardening in their blood.

If you know someone who might be interested in the Hose Family name, please give them the link, so they can add additional information to the site for all to share.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Be Strong in the Lord

I awoke at 3:23 a.m. and these words instantly and loudly and clearly popped into my head.  

 "Be strong in the Lord, Never give up hope." 

Something about it was sing-songy so I googled it to see if by chance it was lyrics and here's the song.

Sidewalk Prophets - The Words I Would Say

From the album These Simple Truths

Three in the morning, and I'm still awake
So I picked up a pen and a page
And I started writing just what I'd say

If we were face to face
I'd tell you just what you mean to me
Tell you these simple truths


Be strong in the Lord
And never give up hope
You're gonna do great things
I already know God's got His hand on You

So don't live life in fear
Forgive and forget
But don't forget why you're here
Take your time and pray
These are the words I would say

Last time we spoke you said you were hurting
And I felt your pain in my heart
I want to tell you that I keep on praying
Love will find you where you are
I know 'cause I've already been there
So please hear these simple truths


Say from one simple life to another
I will say come find peace in the Father

Be strong in the Lord
And never give up hope
You're gonna do great things I already know
God's got His hand on You

So don't live life in fear
Forgive and forget
But don't forget why you're here
Take your time and pray
And thank God for each day
His love will find a way
These are the words I would say

Is this message for me, from the Father, or just a coincidence?  Perhaps the reason I felt compelled to blog about it means the message is for someone else.  Perhaps you.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good Grief - Why did I do that?

Quit faking it.  That's what Courtney challenged us to do.  Okay!  Is this real enough for you, Courtney?  Not only am I not a fashionable dresser, but I lack the basics of a descent wardrobe.

I have a pair of boots that I really like and some stitching started coming apart on them, so I decided to take them to see if I could get them restitched rather than look for a new pair.  Alas, the snow started melting and I discovered they also leak.  Okay, so I'll look for a new pair and ditch these.  To tide me over in the meantime I  pulled out an old pair of hiking boots to wear for the time being.  They didn't look to be in bad shape, so I strapped my feet in them and went off to work.  I work at a Nature Center, so hiking boots are acceptable footwear.  Soon  I discovered that they weren't that comfortable, in fact they kind of felt like I was walking in someone elses shoes.  One heel was low and the other foot felt like I was leaning toward the edge.  I tried to remember the last time I wore them and couldn't, so it must have been a while back.

As the day progressed, so did the weirdness of my footwear.  The hiking boots felt loosier on my feet and the step felt less firm and more wobbly.  Then I notice a bunch of black debris under my desk.  At first I thought it was mud that had loosened from the soles of my shoes, no big deal.  Later I noticed little pieces of black all around the floors of the office.  I picked up my foot and looked at the sole of my hiking boot and found that it had a loose sole.  Great!  Okay, so these will have to be pitched too. 

I went about my day and began wishing I hadn't worn these stupid hiking boots.  While rolling coins collected from the Wishing Well I accidently dropped a couple and when I bent to pick them up I grabbed what a thought was a chunk of bark.  That's when I really got worried, it wasn't bark, it was a chunk off the sole of my shoe.  I looked around the office and sure enough there were little pieces of my shoes strewn all over the carpet of the office.  My shoes were crumbling off my feet as I walked. 

The rest of the day I tried to limit the amount of walking that I did about the office.  How embarrasing, I had worn boots to work that wear that had dry-rotting, they were literally disentigrating before my eyes and the eyes of my co-workers.  I thought about calling my husband to bring me a different pair of shoes or running home myself to get a pair, but it was only a couple hours until it was time to leave and the roads were really muddy and rutted, so I decided to stick it out.

To make light of the situation I asked my boss for a raise, so I could afford to buy a decent pair of shoes. LOL  I went around the office before I left and picked up all the chunks of rubber with a napkin.  I felt like I could possibly walk right out of them if they weren't tied around my ankles.  They were really giving me the heeby-jeebies and all I could think about was getting them off my feet.  Ugh!  I can't believe I did something so foolish.

I will be going shoe shopping this week folks, and if I can find more than one pair that fit, I'll buy them.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Never Pay Full Price - My Motto!

This has become my motto.  It doesn't just pertain to grocery shopping, but extends to eating out, and buying resale.  Yes, I've gone so far as to make my own liquid laundry detergent.  By the way, it was super simple, super cheap and I haven't notice a bit of difference in how my laundry is coming out.

I've been meaning to post about how much I've been saving, but haven't gotten around to it yet.  I used to try to save a t least half of what I spend, but when that became less of a challenge I changed my goal.  My new goal is to save more than I spend.

Here's my latest, big save and the pictures of what I purchased at a local resale store.

Mr. Roger's Sweater - Baby Gap - size 12-18 months.  It's lined - very nice.

Plaid Moose - (New with Tags - $42)  Size 18 months

Carter's size 18 months - Monkey outift

The bottoms have the cutest monkey face in the back and the hoodie has monkey faces all over it.

6-9 months Children's Place Fleece Jog Suit  New With Tags!

Carter's & Children's Place Girls Clothes

Leap Frog Leap Pad Learning System with Back Pack Type Pack-N-Go

This set includes 4 games and also a head set.

2 Books like new.

Okay folks, now it's time to guess.  You knew I was going to say that didn't you?  I know my girls did.  I like to try to amaze them at what a great deal I managed to get.  Well if I told you $64 dollars would you think that was a great deal?  Well that's the original price total - before it was reduced to 80%.  I only paid $12.80 for all of this.  When the last time you ran into a bargain like this????

Dorsey, you did GOOD!