Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Wish!

I wish my youngest daughter, would have
stuck with blogging.
She started a blog once, back in the day
when she only had pets for children.
She has the knack for taking a picture
and adding something to it to
make it really stand out.

Can you believe that this picture was taken in the
backseat of her car, probably with her cell phone?
It really wasn't that great of a picture to begin with..
it was sort of out of focus and foggy looking.
And now I love it!

Here's another one.
It's so cute, with the border matching her
flower on her hat.
Audra just seems to be talented in this area.

Another picture of success. 
I love the squiggly sun!
New Mexico is a VERY sunny place indeed.
Keep up the good work Mommy or
should I say Audra.

And by the way, you have a super cute baby for your model.

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