Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Photo Session with Henry

I'm usually the one behind the camera and I prefer it that way!
I love taking pictures, trying to capture the perfect
portrayal of each person and their personalities.
But I do like to have pictures of me and my Grand babies.
On the way to the airport to return home to Michigan I realized
I didn't have a single picture of me and Henry from our long
weekend together.
So... Amanda snapped these at a restaurant where we stopped
to grab a bite before my long ride home.

Henry's wearing Griffin Old Navy 4th of July shirt from last year.

I'm smiling, but inside I'm very sad, because I don't know when I
will see this branch of our family tree next. 
It's always easier to leave when there's a date set for another visit.
Such is the life of a long distance Grandma.
(Henry was still recovery from his illness.)


Theresa said...

love those photos! you look lovely!

Amanda said...

mom you look adorable! Not bad for a few last minute shots!