Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grammie LaLa & the Girls

LaLa with Rowyn & Emmie

Grammie said I'm Cute, Just Checkin... Yep, I'm cute.
I always try to get a couple pictures of me with the kids, just to prove I was really there.
Audra didn't download the best one of me, but I'll have time to do that when I get home.

Surprisingly I haven't maxed out my photo cards yet.  I've been so busy cooking, cleaning, bathing and watching the girls, that I haven't taken many photos yet.  I'll have to make up for it this second week I'm here with them.

Today Rowyn & I walked to the park down the end of their street.  She fell and skinned her knees about four times, but never cried, she was just happy to be at the "Hark" as she calls it.  She runs everywhere and climbs everything, even the big slides she's not afraid to go down.

Later this week we are going to White Sands to the dunes.  Audra said it's a great place to take photos, so hope the weather cooperates.  Here's in New Mexico that doesn't mean I hope it doesn't rain (like it does at home), it means I hope it's not too hot or windy as the sand blows around so much you can see where you are going.

One thing I won't miss when I go back home, that's Barney!  A little of him goes a long way for me.  Rowyn however, can't get enough of him.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nightime at the Playground

In New Mexico it happens to be normal to take your kids to
the playground after dark; that's when it's cool enough to run
and play.

Rowyn enjoyed swinging with her friend Lydia and
going down the slides. 
Daddy watched baby Emma while we were at the park.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Here in New Mexico

I'm spending two weeks in New Mexico with my
youngest daughter, her husband and their
two little girls.
Emma will be two weeks old tomorrow and has
gained almost a pound already.
Mama has good milk and plenty of it.
Rowyn is an awesome big sister, not acting
jealous or misbehaving at all.
Miss Emmie is going to follow in her sister's
footsteps and be an awesome baby.
You'd never know there was a baby in the house,
she rarely cries and eats, sleeps and poops
likes a model baby.
Emma will stay awake for long periods of time
and not fuss at all, just look around and make
cute baby faces. 
I told Audra not to count on this one being
as good as Rowyn was because that's
just not going to happen twice, but
I may have to eat my words.
I'll try to keep posting while I'm here, but you
know how that goes....
I'm very busy holding the baby, reading books
and putting puzzles together with Rowyn and
doing all that other fun Grammie stuff.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Grandparent's Day Continued

Daniela in the corn barn

What's more fun than playing in a sandbox?
You got it, a corn barn.
This was one of Daniela's favorite spots last year too.
Keeping her eye on the other kids
Love this one!!!!

Warming up on the small slide
 Daniela & I later went down the big slides, which I don't have a photo of but they were like two huge culvert pipes that were placed on a hill side by side.  First she went down on my lap, but then on her own and I'd slide down behind her with my legs open and scoop her up at the end.  She thought that was hilarious.  Of course, I was the only adult participating... I just don't understand that at all.  I tried to get my hubby to take a turn, but he declined.

The reason I don't have as many pictures of the rest of the trip as you would expect, is because my battery died in the camera.  Ugh!  When will I ever learn to carry an extra at ALL times.

Other areas of interest were a bounce house, a wooden fence maze, an ark, a kiddie zip line, animals to see, bikes to ride on a track and more.  We bought Honey Crisp apples instead of picking our own, which they didn't offer this year, due to the poor weather this year effecting the apple crop.  We bought cider and cranberry-nut oatmeal cookies to eat, which were much better nutritionally than the donuts.  Yummy!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Grandparent's Day

This year on Grandparent's Day, I spent the day with
this little cutie patootie.
Please return for the rest of the post ...
today is a 14 hour work day for me
and it's time to pack my lunch, dinner & snacks for the day.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Back in the Hospital

Please say some prayers for baby Emma, they admitted her back into the hospital because her Bilirubin levels keep going up.  Audra is staying with her so that she can continue to breast feed.  Thank goodness Rick is off to take care of Rowyn, she must find this last week very confusing with Mama keep disappearing and a new baby sister coming home and leaving again too.

** I must also print a retraction.  Emma's middle name Love come from Rick's dad's side of the family.  Joseph Love Roberts, and Joseph Love Roberts Jr. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Announcing New Baby Girl

Emma Love Roberts
Born on 9/11/12 at 1:45 a.m.

6 lbs 9 oz and 19" long
Her middle name is a family name from
Rick's Mom's side of the family.
It was his grandfather's middle name and
it was then passed down to an Uncle of Rick's.
I don't know for sure, but I think Emmie is
the first girl to use the name Love for her middle name.
I will have to contact Rick's Mom (Lynn) to
confirm it, because I'm curious where it comes from.
They had several other girl's names picked out, but
they wanted to wait until she was born to see
what name fit her best.

Yesterday Emmie went home, but has to go back
to the hospital today to have her blood checked
again, as she was borderline jaundiced.

This is not new to her Mom as big sister Rowyn dealt with the same issue when she was born. Audra said she was going to go home and put her in the sun -- just like this picture of Rowyn.
 Did you notice that it wasn't the same baby?

Rowyn weighed a whole pound more, so Emmie is a bit more petite, where Rowyn already looks filled out in this picture.

Audra Jane.
I can't wait to go visit the new addition in just
9 more days!!!
I've come down with a cold, please pray that it gets over with quickly.
I'm doing all I can to ward it off.

Monday, September 3, 2012

What If?

What If?
What if you woke up tomorrow
and the only things you had
were the things you thanked God for today?
How empty or full would your world be?
I heard this question asked on my radio station
and the question keeps coming back to me
day after day after day.
I for one am not thankful enough when
communicating with God.
My list of requests always far out weighs,
my praises, my thank yous and worship.
Are you guilty of the same?
God -
Where do I begin? 
You have given me so much,
and I am so ungrateful.
Forgive me for taking so much for granted.
Thank you for my husband and my girls.
Thank you for a safe place to live and a
comfortable home which I can afford.
Thank you for my present jobs with children.
Thank you for my son-in-laws and grandchildren.
Thank you for Miguel's visa and arrival to the
U.S. -- as always your timing is perfect.
Thank you for the beautiful nature that surrounds us.
Thank you for technology that allows me to
communicate with my girls who are so far away.
Thank you for your unconditional love,
your forgiveness, your faithfulness,
and your perfect timing.
That's a whole lotta thanking and still.....
tomorrow I would be without.....
my friends, my neighbors, my church,
and oops there went my dog.
What If?