Friday, March 6, 2009

Using all my credits is just the greatest! As reinventing dorsey goes into full swing I've ordered some new books. These three should be arriving this week.

Arriba! comunicacion y cultura with CD-ROM, Brief Edition

I don't know why it's called brief edition, it's 464 pages!!!!

Book Description:
This book introduces beginning Spanish speakers to the language within its cultural context. It contains twelve lecciones, topically organized and designed to encourage communication and offer insight into the language and culture of over 300 million people. A Streamlined coverage of vocabulary and grammar includes cognates in exercises and activities useful for comprehension or communication. Each lesson is structured around a high-interest theme or topic that will appeal to readers, as well as a cultural place or issue. These lessons are set within a culturally authentic framework, with references to the highlighted country throughout the chapter. For individuals interested in learning about the Spanish culture along with the language.

I hope I'm able to pick up some more blogging tips, to do new and interesting things on my blog. Stay tuned....

Book Description:
You probably have your favorite blogs to visit each day, but there are countless other blogs that you could never find on your own and that could potentially be added to the top of your favorites! Blogosphere: Best of Blogs is a collection of the blogs you’ve heard about and the ones still waiting to be discovered. Organized into sections based on interests and moods, you’ll find a listing of the best blogs out there, along with the reasons why they’ve made the list. Complete with searching tips and strategies, Blogosphere will help you find the greatest voices in the blogging universe.

Just what I needed, another photography book.

It's the bestselling, most complete digital guide available-and now it's thoroughly updated to reflect the state of the art. Featuring the latest operating systems and software versions, plus a new section on traveling with your gear, this fully illustrated, total approach to digital will lead you into an exciting new world of image making. An essential round-up of available cameras, computers, scanners, software, and printers-including current online printing services such as photobox and fotango, and the Epson 2000 series of archive printers-offers a plethora of technical possibilities. Detailed text and more than 300 color photographs show exactly how to take and make great portraits, landscapes, action shots, and more. Take advantage of the heightened ability to enhance images; change backgrounds or colors; add reflections; and create artistic effects with collaging, filters, and lighting techniques. Includes easy-to-follow projects for making calendars, business cards, websites, and more.

Besides ordering these great books for myself, I've also recently sent: Audra two true crime books, Michael a book on volcanoes, Sydney a book on waiting for baby and a Christmas book and Ava a Look & Find Little Mermaid book. The books are sent directly to them, so I don't have to pay shipping twice.

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Ginny said...

I love paperbackswap too. I learned about it from Laura Mouro and my sister.