Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Todays Grocery Freebies

I know I could just list everything I took home without paying a red cent for today, but somehow having a visual is much more impressive.

Item/Normal Price
Gum $1.15
Toothpaste (2) $5.56
Floss Pics $2.79
4 BC Warm Delights $8.00
BC Potatoes $1.99
Manwich $1.00
Hunts Ketchup $1.39
Total $21.88

Three of these purchases were buy 10/$10 and the 11th item was free. Meijers had some great 10 for $10 deals this week. The other freebies were on sale, plus I had a coupon for them, which was doubled.

I also scored these great deals:

Lysol All Purspose Pourable Cleaner $2.99 regular price, and I paid 49 cents.
Lysol 4-In-1 Spray Cleaner $2.99 regular price, and I paid 49 cents.

Non Coupon Savings $52.28
Coupon Savings $30.95
Total Savings $83.23
I paid $129.93

The more I stock up the better the stories I should have to tell. Why's that? Because there will come a point in time when I will never have to pay full price for things that I need, that aren't on sale or I don't have a coupon for. Right now I'm still stockpiling the groceries I use pretty regularly, but once I have that established - I can really reduce my bill, by never having to pay full price. Who want's to pay $2.99 for Lysol when I can get it for .49 cents?

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Larissa said...

We all have to be resourceful in times like these... way to go!!! Looking fwd. to more wisdom from a Mama of four daughters, since I've just been on my way with three sweethearts for two years now. :)