Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sleigh pictures

Those sleigh pictures I eluded to in this post have been sent to me. Aren't they so awesome? There's nothing so scenically appealing as a covered bridge and those horses are magnificent. I wish I was able to print them larger, but after several attempts I've given up.

Unfortunately, I found out at the camera shop that Amanda's camera is already discontinued. It was in the 2009 Buyers Guide, you'd think they keep it around for at least half of 2009, this is only the beginning of March. She took the sleigh photos with the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi. The XS and the XSi are still available.

After visiting the camera shop, I'm pretty well settled on a Canon or a Nikon, the other manufacturers just do not have the variety of lenses, filters and other accessories like Canon & Nikon.

Now my quandary is this... buy the beginning level less expensive camera, so I can try some lenses sooner, or go with the more advanced level since I'll probably have this camera forever and wait longer to venture into other lenses and equipment? I think I'll ask some other photographers what they think I should do. If you have experience with Digital SLR cameras feel free to give me some advice.

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Ginny said...

I am a total amateur and haven't even had time to start reading my manual yet, but I got the Nikon D90 and am loving it. My best friend is a pro and she says that this camera takes good enough photos that I will be able to be her second shooter at weddings (she shoots with a Nikon D3). I do look forward to being able to afford some lenses, but for now the one it came with is fine for everyday stuff.