Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Message in the Night

It happened again.
This time I didn't get up and look at the clock,
but I woke as wide awake as you can possibly be
and this message came to me loud and clear.

God heard your prayer and answered it.

The first time it happened was earlier this month
and you can read about it here.

The last time it happened I sort of thought it was cool,
but didn't expect the messages to keep coming.
Maybe it was just song lyrics that popped into my head,
but why then was it so dramatic and why did it
stand out so much in my mind?

Now I know it wasn't just a coincidence.
I was so wide-awake I couldn't go back to sleep.
God heard your prayer....
Which one?

One I prayed today, or one I've been praying for years?
For Rick to come home safely?
For Daniela to recover from her week long illness?
Something I whispered while watching the news
and all that is wrong with this world?

I believe he heard all my prayers that's no big news,
but I must have needed a reminder that he's
working on my behalf.  His hand is moving
behind the scenes, even though I'm unaware.
And Yes, he does answer my prayers.

Thank you, God.

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