Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aint' this Sweet - A Fairy Wand Giveaway!

Lisa Leonard is having another giveaway.  It's something I'd love to have myself, and love to give away.

Go to this site Lisa's Giveaway to enter the contest for a pewter fairy wand.

I recently bought these fairy doll books for my granddaughters.

 Ivy has been claimed for Daniela, but it hasn't been given to her yet.

Ashley has always been fond of  the name Willow, so I'm surprised she didn't choose this one.

Rose went to our friend Ella Rose today, but have no fear I'll be ordering a
 replacement long before Rowyn is big enough for one.

Clover is the good luck fairy. 
The last page in the story book is a fold out playroom for the doll. 
 They are super cute books and there is a whole collection of them.

Yes, I love all things fairy.  Even though I'm no longer a little girl, I can still believe.

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