Sunday, March 6, 2011

For Her Fans

I know you have all been patiently waiting for new pictures of Rowyn.
It never fails I always have download issues.
I thought it was me, but Audra couldn't get it to work either,
thank God I brought my card reader and was finally able to get the pictures
on the computer using that device.

This picture of Rowyn getting ready to mouth the turtle
is both Audra and my favorite of the bath shots.

Always smiling and so happy.
Sorry Rick, but now she's starting to look more like Audra.
Up to this point I've always seen more of Rick in her.

Sometimes her eyes even look green like Mama's too.

I think she would have stayed in until she was a wrinkled raisin,
but I made her get out because she spit up in the water one to many times.

Today we went to church in Las Cruces.
I really enjoyed the service and the people were friendly.
They had some talented musicians and the Pastor gave
an excellent sermon.  You could tell he had a passion
for teaching others about Christ.
I feel good about Audra attending this particular church.

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