Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I left behind

Flying Delta and using my Sky Miles Delta American Express I get one
suitcase FREE.
The second suitcase is $32.00.
Going I had two suitcases, one was full of stuff for Rowyn.
The suitcase was packed with mostly hand-me-downs, but also a few things
Audra couldn't take back at Christmas time.

On the return trip, I put one suitcase inside the other.
I weighed it on Audra's bathroom scales --- fifty-two pounds.
I took out a couple almost empty items
and put three books in my carry on.
50 lbs.

What did I leave behind?
This little gem.
She will only be little once.

It helps that they are planning to come to Michigan
in May.
I hate it when I have to leave them behind
and not have a date in the future when I know
I will see them again....that's the worst.

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