Friday, March 11, 2011

Random Shots

Miss Rowyn showing her attitude.
This girls is fiesty...she's not going to let anyone push her around.
She's got a tude.....

She loves her play gym.  We just keep changing the toys and
she keeps on playing.

I even hung the portable mobile we bought her for Christmas
from the top and it works like a charm, plays music too.

An evening walk, the sun hadn't quite set, so we wore our
sunglasses and Miss Rowyn chewed on hers.

It was windy, so the blankey tucked around her was necessary.

The wall that surrounds the base and the mountains beyond it.

Sunset and the water tower, something about this picture reminds
me of the movie E.T.

Eating cereal and squash.
Yum! Yum!

Sitting in her chair playing with the animals dangling in front of it.

Just another day in New Mexico.
It was to hit 80's today.  We went to Las Cruces to the mall
and out to lunch (Chinese).  Both babies were super well behaved, not
one problem out of either of them. 

We will probably go for another walk after dinner.
It is so nice to see the sun every day and walk outdoors without
a jacket.  I'm dreading going home to snow, rain, mud and dreary
gray days.  I think I could get used to weather like this, well in
the winter it sure seems nice, I'm not sure I'd like it year around
when it's in the 100's.


Meghan said...

i love the last picture

Dorsey said...

Thanks! I like to know what appeals to others. I like it too.