Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just a Swingin!

And a slidin.

We had a short span of mostly cloudy weather today,
so we headed to the park.
Rowyn loved it and I was able to take some cute pics.

She looked so adorable holding on the edge of the swing.


Super precious

Before anyone has a heart attack thinking that we were
swinging her really high, let me set you straight;
I kneeled in front of her to get more of mountains
in the background.
Her expression of surprise helps create the illusion
that she was swinging high.
She's the perfect little model.

She loves swinging!!

She didn't really slide, we just posed her in the tunnel.
Soon though she will be big enough to give it a try.

The dog was barking and so we had trouble keeping her attention
on us.

About 2/3  of the pictures I took at the park has her
tongue hanging out in them.

Awesome pictures, awesome baby, awesome day and then
the sun came out bright on our walk home.
Perfect timing for the sun to come out, we were done
with pictures, for now anyway.

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