Monday, March 28, 2011

Believe it or Not?

In the background - Dakota Audra's dog
In the foreground - Cody Rick's dog

Way back the first part of December my daughter's dog, ran away from home.  My daughter, Audra looked everywhere for her.  She drove all over their military base (day after day), which is out in the middle of the desert and couldn't find her anywhere.  She made posters and tacked them up near the mail pick-up stations and put one up in the PX, but to no avail.  There were some sightings early on, but the people couldn't catch the dog.  Audra continued searching day after day and finally when she came home for Christmas, she took one dog to the kennel and asked friends to keep an eye out for the missing dog.  Eventually she surmissed it must have gotten out into the desert and attacked by a mountain lion or something.

Dakota in her back yard at home.

Three months later!  Today in fact she got a phone call. 

Her dog was located..........

and officially identified by her microchip...........

Where on earth was she found?????

Literally hundreds of miles from her home in New Mexico.

Stay tuned...

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