Friday, March 4, 2011

Book Bag Update

I've packed six books for my trip, here's the list.

1.  The Year the Horses Came - This is what I call my Cave Man books.  Early man, prehistoric man call
      it what you will I've always had an interest in them, especially the ones that include their beliefs, the
      use of herbs and such.  I find this reading very entertaining and it's been ages...maybe more than a year
      since I've read one.       

2.  Dancing in the Rain - Stories about families with autistic children.  It's on the wait list at paperback  swap
     so I'll be able to trade it when I get back.

3.  It's All About Attitude - Autism related as well.  New up-to-date book and I'm always looking for the
     the latest information out.

4.  Photographing Children - This book looks totally awesome.  It has lessons as you go along.  I can't
     wait to learn something new, I can try will I'm on vacation.
5.  Kodak Guide to Shooting Great Travel Pictures - Short book.

6.  Food for Life by Neal Barnard...How the New Four Food Groups can Save your Life - I've been
     working on eating better.  This book will give me new insight and better incentives.

There you have it folks, I just knew you were wondering what I'd end up packing to read.  Sorry if I caused any sleepless nights, or bitten finger nails.  Just kidding of course, but I can actually see a few of you turning green with jealousy, because I'll have so much time to read.

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