Thursday, March 10, 2011

Today's photo session with Rowyn

Rowyn's Mama wanted pictures of her with her Panda Bear Pillow Pet.

She made it so easy, it was the bear that gave me all the trouble.
Just kidding!  Really it was the dog who wanted to get in the picture too.

She looks as cuddly as the Panda bear doesn't she?

Love the rosey checks, that's not stage make-up it's all nat-u-ral.

She was up for anything and enjoyed the fuzzy teddy.

Like I said, Cody their dog wanted in on the act as well.
I think it's all the baby talk that gets him interested.

Black and White for those of you that are getting sick of pink.

Are these just the cutest pictures ever? 
Or am I disillusioned?

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