Saturday, March 5, 2011

Here in New Mexico

I woke up a half hour before my alarm was set to go off, which was 4:30 am.  I thought I had over slept.  I quickly checked outside for any signs of the freezing rain they had predicted and all was well, dry as a bone.  I proceeded to get ready for my trip, which included a last minute brushing of the dog.  I woke hubby up at 5:00 am to give him a half hour to get ready.  I checked my flight status, it was saying on time and checked outdoors once more and all looked well.  We hauled everything to the car and the dog insisted on coming along, she loves going to the airport.

We were happily on our way and reached the main road and all was still well, until right before we got on the expressway it started to rain.  It instantly froze on the windshield and on the road.  Ugh!  We now wished we had left earlier, wished we'd had left the dog home, wished the rain had waited another half hour.  There was no genie in a bottle and no one handing out wishes, just a radio telling us of many slick spots, many accidents and many cars in the ditch.   For the most part people were doing a good job of keeping a distance between them and the other guy, but we did see one idiot cutting in front of people etc.  We saw ambulances, polices cars and a TV crew out taking photos of some unlucky people who rolled their car causing more accidents and a huge traffic jam.

Despite the rain stopping and starting, going 25 and then 55 and then 25 again, we made it to the airport in
time.  Luckily the sky caps were open and I had prepaid for my luggage and printed my tickets, if it hadn't been for those time saving measures I may not have made my flight.  They shifted several dozen people from the security line through the business class lane including me.  They for the very first time did not insist on doing any testing on my apnea machine (another time saver).  I glanced at the security person before grabbing my machine to put it back in my case and he looked away.  A break in my favor for a change and I gladly took it.  I rode the tram to my gate and 3/4 of the people were already on board the plane.  Whew!  The first leg of my journey was great, no turbulence and with the crazy weather I was sure we have a bunch or have to de-ice the plane or something, but it was very uneventful. I had a lay over in Atlanta, which allowed me to use the restroom and gobble down a sandwich.  I called Gary to see if he'd made it home okay and there was no answer, called the house, called Ashley's cell no answer.  I began to worry that something had happened, but reminded myself that I'd prayed for his safe trip home, so I should not worry, but trust God to get him there.  As I walked down the jet way, I called again and Gary picked up, he'd been in the shower.  He sat in traffice an hour not far from our exit, but otherwise had no trouble getting home safely.

 It's three hours from Atlanta to El Paso and I sat next to another mom going to be with her daughter who was in labor ready to deliver her first grandchild.  It was the Mom's (soon to be Grandma's) first time flying and she was very nervous.  We chatted a bit, which made the time go by faster.  She's going back the same day as I am, who know we may be on the same flight.

The girls and Audra's brother-in-law who was visiting from Michigan, picked me up at the door outside the airport, it was perfect timing.  We went out to lunch and  Rowyn entertained everyone in the restaurant with her squealing and raspberries.  She came to me instantly all smiley and happy, there's no stranger anxiety at this stage of the game.  I took care of Rowyn while Audra and Eric went out bowling with friends later in the evening.  Shortly after arriving at Audra's the camera came out,  of course, if only I could figure out how to download them onto Audra's laptop.  Right now Audra & Rowyn are napping.  Audra had to get up at 4:00 am to take Eric to the airport, so she only was able to get about three hours of sleep.

I will be in touch again soon hopefully with pictures.  I took some really super adorable photos of her in the tub this morning playing with her hippo and turtle toys.  She needed a tubby after eating cereal this morning, because her very busy tongue gets in the way and half the food comes back out each and every time.

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