Monday, March 7, 2011


She's very photogenic
if only the _____ camera equipment
would work, I'd be all set.

Now that we downloaded the first batch
of photos off my SD Card, it says
it's copy protected or some such nonsence and
won't let to take any more pictures on it.

So I'm using the picture card out of my old Kodak which
is only 1 GB, while my new one that's acting up is 8 GB.
Now that we've downloaded more pics I'm afraid to
put it back in my camera to see if it's screwed up too.

So these pictures are straight out of the camera.
Not necessarily the best ones, since some need to be
turned, cropped or whatever, but I'm taking the road
of least resistance at the moment.

Today we are packing up all of Rowyn's newborn to 3 months size clothes and putting them away, because she's fitting in 6 months now.  I have one bucket of clothes sitting in the stain remover secret mixture, that we'll wash up tomorrow.  I thought for sure with how much she spits up we'd have to use the stain remover
on a whole bunch more.  Audra was pretty diligent about using bibs on her.  She says it's not a complete outfit without the bib.  Today's first bib, was removed for this photo.  She uses 4 or 5 bibs a day, because besides spitting up, she's a drooler.  

This cute little outfit was her cousin, Sydney's.  Sydney looked adorable in it too.  If I wasn't so frustrated and Rowyn hadn't just woke up from a nap and needs her Gramie I would do a little comparison photo of the cousins in the outift. 

But.... I've got a sweetie to love on.  I'm off from here.....

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