Sunday, December 27, 2009

These guys are all decked out for Christmas Eve

Each year we spend Christmas Eve at the same place. We are creatures of habit, especially my hubby. I'm hoping to convince him to do a rotation between the kids homes to spend a Christmas with each one. Their children are young and they are so far away and it's very hard for them to travel with all of them working etc. It's much easier for us to do the traveling.

The place where these reside... my husband, Corky's, sister's house. They are into antiques and their loft above their business is decorated with antiques of all sorts. But these heads were always my kids favorites. Mike & Pat always have them decked out in holiday attire.

This may be a reindeer, I've never asked or just a white tailed deer with a really big rack. My personal favorite was the front half of some kind of goat that looked like it was coming out of the wall. It reminded me of "Harry and the Hendersons". It was too funny, I do believe they sold it in their store or perhaps Harry himself came and took it.

The buffalo is an easy one to identify.

Who doesn't recognize a zebra? I wonder why Harry hasn't claimed any of these guys. Perhaps it's the fact that the celing is way to high.

Okay, I got this one. A bear. A grizzly bear? A black bear? Good grief don't tell anyone I work at a Nature Center.

Is this guy a water buffalo? Perhaps a Gnu??

I love how his horns curl so low and the ears stand straight out.

Well the writing was pretty lame, but at least the pictures were entertaining. Does anyone else out there in blog land, spend Christmas Eve at a unigue spot like this? I'd like to hear from you. What do you think of all the heads?

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