Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Random Photos of the first few days

I will add some notes later today, I'm running late for work.

All bright eyed, Miss Danny is laying on a blanket one of Ashley's students made for her. Other students went together and bought the Moses basket and other super nice gifts for her and the baby. Ashley was so touched that they cared enough to buy such nice gifts.

She loves to lift her and head and look around. Sometimes burping her is a real challenge because she is bobbing all around and won't keep the upper half of her body still long enough for you to pat a burp out of her.

Daniela looked a little yellow (jaundiced) so we stripped her down to her diaper and and let her lay in the sun. She had her own little personal sauna and she loved it.

She'd make a perfect Anne Geddes baby model. It's a good thing I was supervised or I may have hollowed out a watermelon or stuffed her in a work boot or something. Photography babies is great form of entertainment.

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