Thursday, December 17, 2009

The BIG Question????

After "What was it?" (A boy or a girl?) And "how much did they weigh?", the next big question is....."Who do they look like?" Let me see if I can help to answer that question.

We'll start with this picture of the parents. Of course, we were not delusional, we knew this baby would have dark hair, eyes and complexion, but we were a little surprised to see other new babies in Mexico with two Spanish parents that were much lighter in skin color than Daniela who has one very blond, fair skinned parent. Go figure.

When I shot this picture of the baby, there was no denying it, this little girl looks like her Daddy. Sorry Miguel, it's not the most flattering picture of the little miss to compare with you, but to me this says.....

"I'm my daddy's girl".

I did however. keep my eyes open to see a bit of Ashley somewhere in there and yes, on occasion I do catch a glimpse of her also. Here's a picture of Ashley as a newborn and one I took of Daniela.

Yes, those are Korte cheeks, she has Ashley's Gerber baby lips and I do believe her nose also.

I've always thought Korean babies are the most beautiful babies in the world, but I do believe Mexican babies come in a close second.

And her Mommy thinks she's the most beautiful baby in the whole world; and that just as it should be.

Do you see what I see? Please leave a comment or email me; I really wanna know.

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Meghan said...

I agree on the lips!