Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve has gone to the Dogs!

Christmas Eve has always been a dog friendly event, no matter where it was celebrated. First at Mom & Dad's house, and later always at Pat & Mike's the dogs were always included. Now that the kids have grown and moved all over the US & MX the dogs are becoming even more focused upon. We have the dogie drawing between the three dogs and each lucky dog gets $35 of treats & toys and usually more as other members like to pick up something for the pooches.

Doris, Gary & Danan the Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier.

Patty, Michael and their Golden Retriever, Arlo.

Rose, Steve and their Yorky/Chihuahua mixed dog, Bugsy.

Audra & Rick were able to come home for Christmas and we are truly thankful for them making the effort to come to Michigan to visit with us.

"Anything under that tree for me?" Danan eyes the tree and sniffs a few packages; looking for jerky treats, greenies or bimple bones...her personal favorites.

Danan loves family events where she gets to play with her cousins.
Eventually she has to take a break, so she can recharge to play some more.

Arlo is getting up there in years and pretty much lays around and takes everything in from the side lines.

Bugsy guarding his mini Jum Bone.

What? Time to go?

** Others present on Christmas Eve will appear in another post, those that don't have dogs..........can not appear in a post titled Christmas Eve has gone to the dogs. My blog. My Rules.