Thursday, July 1, 2010

Singing in the Kitchen banging on the pots and pans

When all else fails bring out the pots and pans.  Don't forget the mini wooden spoons.
Danny enjoyed banging on them briefly and then she commenced tasting the spoons incase anyone left some food on them.  She even gnawed on the lid to my smallest pot for awhile.

Big eyes in black and white - I couldnt resist.  And the look on her face in the colored photo is just so funny.  It's one of those pictures you'd like to post and have everyone give it a title.  But since I can't come up with anything myself, I decided I can't expect anyone else to either.

My "Gerber Baby - Grandbaby", she just the cutest grandbaby ever....Well at least until I take a trip to Maine, or North Carolina or New Mexico.  I feel so blessed to have f-i-v-e adorable grandkids. 

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