Friday, July 16, 2010

Aunt Amanda Comes from Maine

Once Aunt Amanda arrived on the scene Gramie's popularity plummeted.  Amanda became the one she wanted to be near, talk to and even asked " if  mommies with pregnant bellies could still hold children on their laps?"  It was all very flattering and her Auntie was only to happy to oblige.  Sydney even fell asleep laying next to her in the recliner.

Expecting a little boy of her own the end of September, she was anxious to meet her new nephew.  He's a cuddler by nature, but has just learned to crawl, so he loves to be on the go.

He's learned a new trick.  Griffin pulls on his ears and his tongue comes out.  Isn't that hysterical!

And Amanda met her little niece, Daniela.  Daniela was checking her out.  We think she was trying to figure out if she was Meghan with glasses.  She sure stared at her long and hard.

She passed the test, everyone enjoyed holding and feeding and playing with the two little ones.  I tried to do my best to share, I've been accused of being a baby hog in the past and I'm trying to reform.

Hang in there everyone.  Audra is in town from New Mexico and there will be more pregnant lady pictures soon.

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