Saturday, July 17, 2010

Because I'm Busy

Because I'm busy - I'm posting more pictures of the "little ham", Sydney.
After the big baby shower I hope to have more time to spend blogging and getting my vacation pics in order, of course LIFE is what happens between your plans!

It's not easy being a long distance Gramie.  Your visits are never long enough and never as often as you'd like.  So far this year I've seen the North Carolina Grands twice, because of my trip to care for Sydney when she had her tonsils out.  I've seen the Maine Grands for a weekend in CAN and plan to pay a visit sometime after Baby Henry "Get's Out" as the kids affectionately call him getting born.  And I will fly to New Mexico when Rowyn "Get's Out".  I can't wait to me Grandchild number six.

Trips to Michigan are few and far between as it is difficult to travel with a little one and when their families grow to two and three it makes flying out of the question and travel by car (12+ hours) a real test of parenting skills and nerves of steel.

So I take a ton of pictures while I'm there.  I call, I write, I send books & DVD's and little gifts.  I Skype and email and I blog and check their blogs (two have them and I have high hopes of the other two setting them up).

And I enjoy being there while I am there. 
Catching some action this time.  Every dress deserves a big twirl!

And a big finish with a GREAT SMILE!
Gramie loves you, and misses you Sydney.

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