Sunday, July 4, 2010

Meeting GT

Daniela came over to meet GT, the little boy I do respite care for that is on the autism spectrum.  I must admit he was more impressed than she was.  Shocker!  He rarely takes much interest in others.  GT not only checked-her-out, but he also said "Baby" at least five times while she was there.  He hasn't been talking lately, so saying a word, any word is cool, but saying Baby to a real baby is way Cool!  He wanted to check out her toes and fingers and touch her hair.  It made me a bit nervous, because I didn't know what he might do, like maybe bend her toes to far back. 

Daniela & GT watched a Baby Einstein together, it was Baby Signs. And then they went swimming in his pool.  GT is a fish and Daniela enjoyed the water too, it was her first time in a big pool.

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