Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Way Back When Wednesday #12 Sisters

Way back when my sister, Martha (in the stripes) actually flew to Florida with me to see my Mom and our other sister, Dawn (in the middle).  She had the oldest, ugliest green hardback suitcase you've ever seen.  My sister received it many years ago as a graduation gift.  It made the trip even more interesting watching people stare at that darn suitcase and hearing their comments.  We were teasing and joking around so much on the plane, the man sitting with us said that it was the most fun he'd ever had on a flight.


We were all quite a bit thinner then and a lot less gray.

This last picure includes my mother's mother, my Grandma Brush.  This I believe is the Grandma I'm going to look like in my elder years.  But that's okay with me, she was a nice looking lady and I miss her dearly.  I've been told many times that I look like my Aunt Sandy and boy has my Aunt Sandy ever started looking like my Grandma these past few years. 


Meghan said...

no motorcycle pics? or was that a different trip! Love the pics, you are all beautiful.

Dorsey said...

Same trip, I just don't have easy access to the photos. I'll have to share those some day.