Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby Shower - Rick's side of the Family

Rick's Mom gave Audra a baby shower also. 
She found and created so many things for the shower with the ladybug theme including this adorable outfit.

Even though Lynn used the Ladybug theme she managed to encorperate Audra's favorite color pink.

Audra & Rick's Grandma Roberts.  The food was good and so was the company.  Both sides of Rick's family are very friendly and generous people.  She recieved so many awesome gifts.

Lynn made this adorable quilt with the baby's room colors on it.  Audra loved it!

Looks like a cupcake, doesn't it?  It's a basketful of baby items for Audra and Rowyn. 
The frosting is cloth diapers and that's an Anne Geddes ladybug baby on top.
Folks it doesn't get more adorable than that. 

I'm sure the trim around the cupcake will end up in a photo scrapbook soon.

I'll end this with a four generation picture of Lynn (Rick's Mom), Audra & Rowyn and Sylvia (Lynn's Mom)
Although we can't see Rowyn, she's definitely in there.

Great Shower, Lynn.  She should be a professional party planner, in my opinion.

((Grandma V. let us use her house on the lake for Audra's friends shower, but that's another post.))

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