Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Way Back When #15 -- 25 Years Ago

Our Wedding Day  ------- Gus & Dorsey  August 28, 1985.
One month from today we will be wed for 25 years.
He doesn't look much different than this picture.
His hair is grayer, he weighs a few pounds more and his glasses are smaller.
I on the other hand have changed considerably.
What's changed about me - one thing - I've gained ## pounds!!!
Sorry I'm to vain to put it into numbers for everyone to see.

Today I'm starting the big diet.  Not just calorie reduction, but using some tips from Living with Diabetes newsletter I get.  Time to get sensible.  And hopefully a month from today when it's my real Anniversay I'll be well on my way to losing the ## extra pounds. 
Wish me luck!
Nah, don't just wish me luck. 
Pray for me, encourage me, and hold me accountable if you love me.


Hauch Family said...

What great pictures! I have never thought you and Martha looked much alike, but the second photo looks like her to me. I will be praying for healthy choices, you won't regret it! Just so you know we love you no matter your size, it is your heart that matters to us!

Dorsey said...

Thanks for your prayers and your love. I like to think I have a big heart too, but in the case, it's a good thing.

Today was a good beginning to a great week. I HOPE!