Sunday, July 18, 2010

Airport Arrival of Pregnant Woman

There she is arriving at Metro Airport.  Aproaching me from a distance I did not think Audra (my youngest daughter) looked very pregnant.

However, once we'd hugged and stopped to take this photo I saw that her tummy was as big as a basketball under her shirt.

Yet she still found room to hold her niece, she met for the first time.  Daniela went to her without a second glance.

And they had fun reading books together.  I do believe Daniels is fast becoming a bookworm too.

Tomorrow we will have baby shower pictures. 
Hurrah!  The shower went very well.  Great friends, great food and wonderful, wonderful gifts to welcome baby Rowyn.  Ciao Amici's was a great place to have the shower.

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Meghan said...

cute pics, the only way you would know she is pregnant is her belly. So sweet.