Monday, July 19, 2010

Audra & Rowyn's Baby Shower

I can't believe these girls are mine. 
 They are both so beautiful.

Audra looks like her father's mother
and Ashley looks like her father.
I guess I can't take much credit.

Daniela is a perfect mixture of both of her parents
and so very beautiful as well.


First to arrive were my mother and my sister. 
Happy Birthday, Mom and thank you for coming to your granddaughter's baby shower on your birthday.
Audra's baby will be my mother's third of four great-grandbabies to be born this year.  And the only girl great-grand this year.  Cameron was born in May, and Caleb earlier this month, and Henry is due in September right after Audra's baby girl, Rowyn.

My mom is holding Daniela who is (if I counted correctly) her 13th, Great-grandchild.  She has a Baker's Dozen grandchildren and a Baker's Dozen great-grandchildren at the moment.  That is until Audra's baby girl is born.

They took the playing of the games, so seriously.  The competition was intense. 

After the luncheon Audra opened her gifts.  Everyone was so thoughtful and generous.  Audra had a great time opening and Ewhing and Awhing over all her gifts.

This one however was one of the favorites.  Her Aunt Martha, cross stitched the very same picture for Rowyn as she did for Audra when she was born.  They will both hang on Rowyn's wall along with Rick's back home in New Mexico.  All it needs is Rowyn's little hand prints to go on the bottom in the blank area.

My sister is Audra's godmother, and I gave Audra Jane my sister's middle name.  Rowyn will have two middle names and one of them is Jane as well.  Rowyn Gracie Jane Roberts.

The anticipation was really killing her and prompted her to open this gift from all three of her sisters first.  It is a scrapbook, handmade by her sisters when they were all together the week prior in North Carolina.  The letters spell out BABY and they are premade spots for different size photo's.  It turned out totally awesome.  Each of us designed several of the pages (including me), it was so much fun to make.

No get-together is complete without the faithful Aunties.  Audra plans to go home and buy her stroller & carseat combo with their generous gift of money.

My fifth diaper cake creation - you'll never guess the theme.  Nope.   Nope.

Who am I kidding?  It's a bit over-done, but it turned out very cute and received many compliments. 
 Audra's favorite thing adorning the cake,  is the the little bumblebee footies on the front. 

Thank you everyone for coming and sharing in the welcoming and spoiling of Grandbaby number six.

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Meghan said...

looks like so much fun, wish we could have been there. Everyone looked beautiful!