Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Last Photo Session in NC

On this trip there were three of my daughters together and since that's a rarity in my family(Sincle they are spread all of the US), they wanted me to take some pictures of the sisters together.  Sydney tried to sneak in the shots and was quite put-out and didn't understand why she couldn't be in the sister picture.


After the sisters were done posing, we did some silly shots with Sydney & the Sisters and then I took these adorable shots of Sydney alone.  She is quite the ham and if you are wondering ... I don't tell her to tilt your head or put your hands on your hips, she does that all on her own.


She hates having her hair fixed, but did let me style it once without a fuss while I was there. The farmer braids I did in a hurry just to get her hair out of her face and she wasn't happy about it, but it looks rather cute on her.  I just want to knickname her Dorothy.

Sometimes I think they really get tired of me taking all the pictures and would rather I left them alone, but you know me I just have to catch some of these moments to savor for when I'm away from my grandkids for long periods of time.

As we were saying our "Good-Byes" Sydney said "But Gramie you can't go, we didn't take pictures on the bridge yet".  Oh! I was so touched by that comment.  She really likes our excursions and playing around that we do while taking the photos.  These pictures were the last ones we took on the bridge and it was fun for me too.  Sorry Sydney, I promise we will continue our tradition of taking pictures on the bridge every time I come visit.  Just you wait and see.


Meghan said...

We love these pics! Mom Bill says they are award winners! I will be sure to order some once you get them on kodak.

Hauch Family said...

She is so cute! The picutres are great!