Saturday, February 21, 2009

365/42 How I met my Grandchildren

A couple weeks ago I was organizing my file cabinet and I found a misplaced treasure. A note card with a picture inside.

I knew immediately, I just had to blog about it.

Most grandparents meet their grandchildren in one of two ways: at the hospital or at the arrival's new home. Amanda's pregnancy with Ava was high risk and she arrived by C-Section, so I flew to be there as soon as I could.

Ava Lauren (24 hours old) Totally Precious!

Meghan had decided that she and Bill would like a couple days alone to enjoy their new little one, so I arrived after the whole hospital scene to meet my second granddaughter.

Sydney Nicole

Is there anything cuter than a yawning baby? Perhaps, a sleeping baby? Sydney your a doll.

Meeting Michael was a bit different. This note card arrived with a picture of my *first grandchild. I was mesmerized by his eyes. After raising four daughters, we had a boy in the family, a grandson. I was delighted, overjoyed and my heart was full. It was another month before we met him in person, but I was already in love.

Welsh Proverb --- Perfect love does not come until the first grandchild.

Dear Grandma & Grandpa - Meet Michael! He is 14 months old.

Here's my first look at him in person, Amanda & Michael at the airport! It was a rough trip. Flights cancelled and delayed, all the babies screaming on the plane, but they were finally here. It was a fun filled week getting to know him at our house. Aunt Meghan was there and relatives from Houghton Lake & beyond visited.

What a cute little boy he turned out to be. Mr. Charisma, he has charm to spare. I am forever grateful that God placed him in our family.

** Ava arrived 2 months before Michael was legally adopted, but in my heart he will always be my first grandchild.

How will I meet the next one that's due to arrive in October? None of us know. Life is an adventure. I know this Gramie's heart will be stretched and full when another bundle of amazing possibilities is placed in her arms. Being a Grandma is just the greatest experience.

Grandma's hold our tiny hands for just a while, but our hearts forever.
Author Unknown


Meghan said...

I just did a scrapbook page (actually a 2 pager) of yo and Sydney and that is one of the quotes I put on the page!!! It is so true.

Muma Sue said...

I am so happy that Micheal found such a terrifc family. He is one lucky boy.
I am so thankful that Amanda and Derek share Ava with me as well.
I hope we are all one big happy family for years to come.
Your the best Grandma, LALA.
Muma Sue

Doris said...

Muma Sue - so glad you left a comment, so I know you're following my blog. I don't know what Amanda would do without you! You are always there for her and it helps this Mama sleep alot more peacefully. Now that all four of my girls live a plane trip away, I can't be in Maine as often as I used to. Michael was very blessed to be placed with you from the beginning. No doubt in my mind God had a plan.