Friday, February 27, 2009

365/45 I Love Black & White Pictures

A couple days ago I received a book through and it's called Photographing Children in Black & White by Helen T. Boursier. It's a great book. There are many, many pictorial examples and she tells you all her tips and tricks for composing and taking the greatest shots.

I always thought it didn't matter what you wore when you shoot black & white because the colors don't show, but the tones do she says. Think of the colors on a scale of one to ten, with the lightest being one and the darkest being ten. White and light colors like cream, yellow, pink & powder blue are one. Black and dark colors like navy, deep purple, maroon, hunter green & red are ten. She says all people in the photo should wear either all light, all dark or all medium. It's okay to have all dark tops and light bottoms (or vice versa)but don't mix them up. Example: some people having dark on top and others with dark on the bottom, because it will make the portrait look all choppy.

Here are two of my all time favorite black & white photos of Michael. The first one was taken at the Polish Club in Hamilton at Michael & Ava's christening reception.

Mozart wasn't this cute when he started playing piano. Doesn't he seem enthralled?

And here at two of my favorites of Ava:

Watch out, whenever Gramie LaLa is left alone with the kids there's a photo session.

Doesn't this picture just say it all? LOVE!

And last but not least Sydney:

A Fourth of July picture.

Her First Birthday picture. She's so cute in pigtails!

Try some black & white pictures next time your trying to photograph a loved one.

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